Water Reclamation

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More than 39,000 connections are served by Melbourne's wastewater utility system. The service area covers approximately 45 square miles.Service is provided primarily within the incorporated city limits of Melbourne. 

The City operates two regional water reclamation plants located in the north and south sections of Melbourne. The David B. Lee Water Reclamation Facility is the north wastewater facility with a permitted treatment capacity of 6 million gallons per day. The south wastewater treatment facility is known as the Grant Street Water Reclamation Facility and has a permitted treatment capacity of 5.5 million gallons per day.

Both plants are designed to provide a minimum of secondary treatment. Effluent disposal is accomplished through a combination of deep well injection and reclaimed water distribution. Domestic wastewater residuals, more commonly known as sludge, are biologically and then chemically stabilized with lime. The sludge is then safe for land application. It is spread on locally available pasture land.

The David B. Lee collection system is primarily a force main system. Most of the wastewater flows by gravity from homes and businesses to lift stations. The lift stations then pump the wastewater to the treatment plant. The Grant Street collection system is largely a gravity system. Large gravity mains convey the wastewater to a master lift station located at the treatment plant.

For more information contact the Water Reclamation Division: (321) 608-5800.