Reclaimed Water: Safe and Proper Uses

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Infographic showing a house with connections to reclaimed water and drinking water 

Around the Yard

Icon representing the yard

Reclaimed water should not be used to fill your swimming pool or wading pool or used in water toys that children play with.


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Ensure that reclaimed water is applied only to the root zone of fruit and vegetable plants that are not peeled, skinned, or cooked before eating.

System Maintenance

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Check your irrigation system periodically for broken or misdirected sprinkler heads. This helps reduce overspray onto hard surfaces and excessive runoff into storm gutters.

Hose Connections

Icon representing Hose Connections
Hose connections on reclaimed water systems are prohibited unless additional security measures are place.


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The piping that supplies safe drinking water to your home or building and the piping that supplies water to your irrigation system should never be connected to one another. Cross-connecting the two systems can compromise the quality of your drinking water.

For More Information

For more information, contact the City of Melbourne’s Reclaimed Water Distribution Division by phone: (321) 608-5120 or by e-mail: