How to Get Reclaimed Water

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Existing Commercial and Residential Properties

For existing commercial and residential properties, the first step is determining whether reclaimed water service is available to your property. Call 321-608-5120, or e-mail to determine if your property is within the City of Melbourne’s reclaimed service area.

Additional steps include:

  • scheduling a property/irrigation system audit
  • submitting the appropriate service application and fees for the installation of service and meter
  • ensuring all issues noted during the audit have been properly addressed
  • making the required connection from the reclaimed water meter to the irrigation system
  • scheduling your cross-connection inspection and reclaimed water service turn-on

How much does reclaimed water service cost?

There will be an initial connection fee and monthly charges that are determined by the size of the meter required to serve your irrigation needs. For more information on fees and charges, please call 321-608-5120.

How much can I save?

Studies indicate that 30% - 50% of all residential water use is for irrigation purposes. An average of 17% can be saved on monthly water bills when reclaimed water replaces potable water for irrigation.  For an average City of Melbourne residential property, this can mean a potential savings between $30 and $56 dollars per month.

What do I need to know before connecting to reclaimed water?

  • Reclaimed water service is provided to properties that have an underground irrigation system with permanently placed sprinkler heads. 
  • Color-coding requirements apply to reclaimed water irrigation systems.
  • Irrigation systems connected to another water source must be completely disconnected before retrofitting to the reclaimed water. Additional restrictions may apply to on-site groundwater irrigation wells that remain active.
  • A cross-connection inspection, conducted by the City of Melbourne, is required at the time of connection and periodically thereafter.
  • An approved backflow prevention device shall be installed on all potable water services to the property. 
  • Certain setback distances apply between potable water and reclaimed water systems.
  • Notification signs shall be installed and maintained at all entrances to the property.
  • Property owners must agree to abide by the rules and regulations that govern the use of reclaimed water.

May I connect a hose to my reclaimed water?

Yes, but additional security measures must be implemented. A quick coupler can be purchased and installed on irrigation system to provide the necessary security. Please see Hose Bibs on Reclaimed Water Systems for details.

Can I use reclaimed water to irrigate fruit and vegetable plants?

See Reclaimed Water and Your Garden.

New Construction and Redevelopment

For new construction and redevelopment, connecting to the reclaimed water system will be evaluated during the City’s Development Review Process. Please call 321-608-5120 for more information.

For Assistance and More Information

The City’s Reclaimed Water Coordinator is available to answer your questions, provide additional information and assist you through the connection process. The Coordinator can be reached by phone at (321) 608-5120 or email at