Water Conservation Tips for Businesses

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The City of Melbourne continues to stress the importance of using resources wisely. There is much that can be done to conserve our essential resources. Some companies hold environmental fairs for their employees. Many local organizations are more than willing to participate in these outreach events. Following are many more ideas your company can use to promote and practice environmental stewardship.

Make a commitment to water conservation 

Prior experiences have revealed that for any program to be successful, the desire to conserve water must be present from the highest level of management on down. Upper management should understand that water conservation is necessary and be fully committed to its support. 

Appoint a conservation champion 

Companies that assign responsibility to an individual have better results than those that do not. Give someone within your organization responsibility for creating and implementing and maintaining your water conservation program. 

Determine how and where you use water

Know how much water is being used for each of your organization’s industrial processes and/or domestic needs. To assist you in determining how your on-site water is being used, you may want to install sub-meters. 

Learn about conserving water in the business environment 

Learn from businesses that have already established a water conservation plan. However, it is up to you to apply these suggestions to your particular situation in arriving at ways to reduce your water consumption. 

Check your system for leaks 

Leaks can be detected by having a periodic shutdown of all water-using facilities and reading the water meter at intervals of the shutdown. If the dial or numbers on the meter move, then you have a leak somewhere on your facility. If a leak is located, repair it as soon as possible.