Police Officer Applicant Process

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The following steps are required for employment in a sworn position with the Melbourne Police Department.

  • Each applicant must satisfy all established Minimum Qualifications for employment as determined by FDLE.
  • All applicants must have currently or previously attended a Police Academy in the State of Florida or provide proof of a scheduled Police Academy start date with a Basic Law Enforcement Academy in the state of Florida prior to submission of application. The Brevard Police Testing Center screens and tests all law enforcement officer applicants. They provide the Basic Law Enforcement Training Class for non-certified applicants, equivalency training for out-of-state applicants, and background screening for state-certified applicants.

Police Testing and Certification
Eastern Florida State College
3865 North Wickham Road
Melbourne, Florida 32935-2399
(321) 433-5640, Extension 5638

  • View the job posting, complete the online application and background questionnaire, and submit all required documentation.
  • All applications are held by City Hall for 90 days or until a vacancy is posted. Once a vacancy is posted, all applications that meet minimum requirements are forwarded to the department recruiter.
  • The recruiter will screen all applicants and background investigations. This screening will identify candidates who have the desirable characteristics for the vacant position(s). Specialized needs of the City and Police department might be considered in the selection of candidates for interview. All candidates not selected shall have his or her application returned to the Human Resources department.
  • Applicants meeting the above criteria will be selected for review by an interview board. The Board will rate the candidates on the following: Oral communications, composure/self-confidence, ability to make critical decisions, motivation and attitude relative to law enforcement, conduct and behavior relative to law enforcement, and professional knowledge. Candidates will also be rated separately by each board member.
  • Applicants meeting the above criteria will be invited to participate in our Frontline video scenario testing program by Ergometrics. This consists of report writing, video test, multiple choice writing test and a multiple choice reading test. This screening will provide information on how applicants prepare police reports, use good judgment in enforcement of laws, public relations and teamwork, ability to retain and recollect critical information and basic grammar skills. Applicants will be required to pay $30 for the video testing program which is the cost to have the testing graded.
  • The candidates achieving a sufficient score will be required to successfully complete a physical agility test. Applicants will be required to run 200 yards, navigate an obstacle course, drag a 180 pound dummy 50 feet, re-navigate the obstacle course, run another 200 yards and maintain proficiency with firearms. Components of this test are designed to simulate actual tasks and essential knowledge, skills and abilities required of the job and are conducted in a continuous manner that is time-dependent in order to determine the participant's level of physical condition and aerobic capacity while simulating the physical aspects of the job.
  • Those candidates achieving a sufficient score from the interview board will move on to an interview with the Training Division Commander. Based on the outcome of those interviews, recommendations will be made for conditional offers.
  • Candidates who receive a conditional offer of employment will be scheduled for polygraph, psychological and medical examinations, and drug screening.
  • Candidates who successfully meet the above criteria will be scheduled for an interview with the Chief of Police, who will render the final decision on the suitability for employment of the candidates.
  • Once employed, the candidate will attend an in-house orientation program, and a 14-week field training program. All new officers will be considered probationary employees until they have completed one year of service.