Complaint Procedures

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All allegations of misconduct against members of the department and complaints of inadequate service are thoroughly and expeditiously investigated.

The Melbourne Police Department provides both informal and formal methods for investigation and resolution of complaints against its employees.

Informal Complaints

Upon initial contact with a complainant, the Watch Commander, or designee, may determine that the complaint does not involve improper conduct on behalf of the department or any employee. In this case, the Watch Commander, or designee, will resolve the situation to the satisfaction of the complainant, if possible. If the complaint cannot be resolved at the initial reception level, the Watch Commander, or designee, will begin the Formal Complaint Process.

Formal Complaints

After being advised of the complaint procedure, the complainant will be provided a complaint packet, along with an envelope addressed to the Chief of Police. The complainant may complete the complaint packet at a location other than the police facility. The complaint packet may be mailed or hand delivered to the police facility. The complainant shall be instructed to return the complaint packet sealed in the envelope. Should the complainant request to speak with a higher authority, appropriate arrangements shall be made.

The Internal Affairs Unit

The Internal Affairs Unit, under direct authority of the Chief of Police, investigates all formal complaints of misconduct by department personnel. The goal and function of the Internal Affairs Unit is to ensure that the integrity of the department is maintained and that objectivity, fairness, and justice are ensured. An impartial investigation and review of each complaint brought to the department's attention is vital. After the allegations are fully investigated, the department will decide what action should be taken to resolve the complaint. The complainant and employee will be notified in writing of the results.