Maintenance Worker I Job Description

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Under the supervision of a Water Distribution Foreman and/or senior crew member, performs semi-skilled manual labor using a variety of hand tools and equipment.

Due to the nature of water distribution systems it may be necessary at times to work through normal lunch and break periods if system customers are without water service.  However, these periods will be allowed either after water service is restored or within an acceptable time frame as determined by job foreman.  It may also be required at times to work unscheduled overtime in order to restore water service. Performs other tasks as requested.




Use shovel to manually dig up and backfill, water mains, water services, water line and water meters for maintenance and/or repair.

Clean and restore job site to original condition.  This may include placing sod, raking and other landscape type jobs.

Clean and maintain order in utility yard and shop area.

Clean around and paint commercial meter vaults, valve boxes, fire hydrants and other type areas as directed.

Clean and maintain vehicle and equipment as directed.




High school diploma or G.E.D. required.  One (1) year experience in manual work.   Position requires a valid State of Florida Class “B” Commercial Driver’s license with air break and tanker endorsement. Applicants who do not currently possess a Class “B” CDL must acquire a learner’s permit within 3 months of hire and obtain the license within 6 months or hire.  Applicants who possess a valid out of state driver’s license must obtain the Florida Driver’s license within 10 days of employment.


Basic knowledge of hand tools such as shovel, rake, pry bar, wrenches, etc. as required in water distribution work.

Ability to participate in a rotational weekly after hours standby roster as directed.

General knowledge of occupational safety rules and regulations.

Ability to assist in the repair and maintenance of underground infrastructure and restoration of landscape utilizing a number of different hand tools such as shovels, rakes, pick-axe and pry bars along with power tools such as chainsaws, gas powered demolition saws, vibratory plate tamps and portable dewatering pumps.

Ability to operate one and two ton trucks and other light equipment.


Ability to perform strenuous work in a variety of outdoor weather conditions and extreme heat during summer while wearing a variety of personal protective equipment.

Ability to read and comprehend work orders, equipment/tool manuals, safety manuals, and other printed and/or written material as it relates to the job.

Ability to understand and comprehend area maps as they relate to the location of water mains, valves, fire hydrants, and services.

Ability to understand and comprehend basic math.  Read, understand and utilize tape measurer.

Ability to identify and comprehend colors as they relate to traffic and/or road signs, safety equipment, utility markings, and other utility related materials.

Ability to hear and understand instructions given in the English language and spoken in a normal tone of voice. 

Ability to hear basic instructions, approaching heavy equipment and/or verbal warnings given by co-workers while working in immediate vicinity of heavy equipment that is in operation or other areas with noisy environment.

Ability to verbally communicate with co-workers and others in the English language both face-to-face and over two way radio.

Ability to write up work orders, warehouse material requisitions, and vehicle service forms in a legible and understandable manner.

Ability to manually use shovel, wrenches, pick, rake, and other related hand tools in the efficient excavation, repairs, back-filling, and subsequent area restoration of water mains, valves, fire hydrants, and services.

Ability to mix concrete and work in areas with dust, dirt, and other unpleasant surroundings.

Ability to set up and operate pneumatic driven jackhammer, gas and/or hydraulic powered portable saws, pumps, and other associated tools that weigh between 25 lbs. and 100 lbs.

Ability to work in and efficiently move between standing, bending, kneeling, sitting, and/or squatting positions.  May be required at times to move laterally and/or work in such positions for extended periods.

Ability to lift and carry (up to 100 yds.) items weighing up to 50 lbs.  Carry such items over uneven terrain. Load into and unload such items from vehicle.  Carry and/or lower into and remove such items form ditches.

Ability to lift and carry items that are considered hard to grasp and/or hold onto and to hold items weighing up to 20 lbs. for extended periods.  Ability to walk up to one mile in distance during line location or walk over and around cluttered work areas and uneven surfaces.  Ability to work while standing on uneven and or wet surfaces.

Ability to assist in the loading and unloading of water pipe and fittings up to 30" in diameter.

Ability to work and perform manual labor for extended periods in all weather conditions.

Ability and willingness to work in confined spaces such as meter vaults and excavated ditches/holes.

Ability and willingness to work during night and early morning hours or for extended periods of time when required.

Ability to work in and around such damp, wet and muddy conditions that are created by water main and water service leaks and breaks.  Perform periodic heavy labor as require.

Ability to receive directions and constructive criticism from departmental management.

Ability to frequently enter and leave ditches by way of incline and/or ladder.



This job description is not intended to be and should not be construed as an all-inclusive list of all the responsibilities, skills or working conditions associated with the position. While it is intended to accurately reflect the position activities and requirements, management reserves the right to modify, add or remove duties and assign other duties as necessary. This job description does not constitute a written or implied contract of employment.

Revised - 10/27/2017