Utility Systems Service Worker Job Description

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Under the general supervision of the Utilities Operations Superintendent, performs skilled work in the operation, maintenance, repair and construction of the City reclaimed water mains, services, and meters.  Employees in this class shall be able to use, in a safe manner, equipment such as gas and hydraulic powered cutting saws, concrete/asphalt wheel cutters, trenchers, mini-excavators, water main tapping machines, tamping machines and other such small and medium sized tools and equipment used in the construction and repair of water distribution systems and/or similar piping systems. Employee is expected to work overtime as required.

Duties include the construction, installation and repair of services, meters, and mains; manual operation, installation and repair of valves, meter readings and locates. Employee performs preventative maintenance on network components and actively participates in system surveys, site inspections and the collection of information and data used in electronic record systems, including meter readings, network mapping and work orders. Performs other tasks as required.

Due to the nature of utility systems, it may be necessary at times to work through normal lunch and break periods.  These periods will be allowed within an acceptable time frame as determined by supervisor.  It may also be required at times to work unscheduled overtime in order to restore service, limit property damage and/or minimize customer inconvenience. 




Constructs, installs, operates, repairs and/or replaces reclaimed water mains, services, meters, and valves up to 20” in accordance with standard practices and regulations.

Operates equipment such as saws, tapping machines, tamping machines, hand tools, pumps, and valves.

Operates vehicles and light equipment including 1/2 to 2-ton trucks, dump trucks, forklifts and trailers and jet-vac trucks.

Conducts preventative maintenance on meters and valves in accordance with procedure.

Maintains small equipment, tools, material and supply inventories.

Collects and records work order information, meter readings, GIS points and configurations of the reclaimed water network through the use of software and equipment such as computers, tablets, phones and other electronic handheld devices.

Accesses and navigates software applications, including the City’s GIS and work order systems, to obtain reclaimed water network information, including layout and location, work history, and asset information.

Conducts system surveys and site inspections and detects non-compliance issues in accordance with regulations and reports issues to supervision.



High School diploma or G.E.D required.  At least two years progressive experience in the installation and repair of water distribution, reclaimed water distribution systems, or similar piping systems. Must be able to obtain a Reclaimed Water Distribution certification and Field Site Inspection Course certification within 24-months of hire. Must possess and maintain a valid State of Florida Commercial Class “B” driver’s license. Applicants may possess a valid out of state Commercial Class “B” driver’s license and obtain the Florida Commercial Class “B” driver’s license within 10 days of employment. Must have general working knowledge of computers and the internet and the ability to learn and utilize new software applications including Adobe, Microsoft Office, Infor EAM, and the City’s GIS system (mViewer).  Must gain proficiency in the use of Infor EAM and mViewer within 6 months of hire.


Knowledge and skill in the principles and practices of water distribution system operation, construction and repair techniques.

Knowledge of occupational and safety rules and practices as they relate to the maintenance, repair and/or construction of water distribution systems.

Knowledge of hand and power tools as required in the maintenance, repair, and construction of water distribution systems.

Ability to perform strenuous work in a variety of outdoor conditions for extended periods.

Ability and skill to safely operate ½ to 2 ton trucks, trailers, dump trucks, forklifts, jet vac trucks, and other light equipment.

Knowledge and ability to operate computers and electronic devices, and their associated  hardware and software as necessary to create and update work orders, update Geographic Information System utility maps, and collect and utilize operational data.

Ability to identify compliance and conformance issues regarding reclaimed water system and develop corrective measures in collaboration with supervision. 

Ability to understand and communicate oral and written instruction.

Ability to communicate clearly, orally and in writing with co-workers, supervision and the general public.

Proven record of dependability and sound decision making.

Ability to work independently with the ability to exercise good judgment.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with co-workers, supervision and the general public.

Knowledge of the general geographic area.


Ability to work and perform heavy manual labor in undesirable conditions such as heat, humidity, wetness, rain, cold, dust, dirt, mud, excessive noise, and odorous environments for extended periods.

Ability to manually use shovel, wrenches, pick, rake, and other related hand tools in the efficient excavation, repair, back filling, and subsequent area restoration of water mains, valves, meters, and services.

Ability to work in and efficiently move between standing, bending, kneeling, sitting, and/or squatting positions.  May be required at times to move laterally and/or work in such positions for extended periods.

Ability to lift and carry (up to 100 yds.) items which are considered hard to grasp and/or hold on to weighing up to 50 lbs.  Carry such items over uneven terrain.  Load into and unload such items from vehicles.  Carry and/or lower into and remove such items from trench, meter vault or other confined spaces.

Ability to set up and operate pneumatic drive jackhammer, gas and/or hydraulic powered saws, portable pumps, tamping machines and other associated tools that weigh between 25 lbs. and 100 lbs.

Ability to walk up to one mile in distance while reading meters and collecting GIS system information. 

Ability to walk over and around cluttered work areas and uneven surfaces. 

Ability to work while standing on uneven and/or wet surfaces.

Ability to frequently enter and leave ditches by way of incline or ladder.

Ability and willingness to enter and work in confined spaces such as meter and air relief vaults, excavated ditches/holes, and trench boxes.

Ability and willingness to work during night and early morning hours or for extended periods of time when required.

Ability to work and operate vehicles and equipment at night and during inclement weather.

Ability to hear, speak and understand conversations in English in a normal tone of voice, both face-to-face and over two way radio, cell phones and through other electronic means.

Ability to read and comprehend work orders, equipment/tool manuals, safety and technical manuals, and other printed, written material and/or electronic format as it relates to the job.

Ability to identify and comprehend colors as they relate to traffic and/or road signs, safety equipment, utility markings, and other utility related materials.

Ability to hear approaching heavy equipment and/or verbal warnings given by co-workers while working in immediate vicinity of heavy equipment that is in operation or other noisy environments. 

Ability to see and read print, letters, numbers, words, characters, diagrams and symbols which are both large and small on paper and various electronic devices.

Ability to print and draw letters, numbers, words, characters, diagrams and symbols.  Must be legible and understood by others.

Ability to navigate and comprehend area maps as they relate to the location of reclaimed water mains, valves, meters and services.

Ability to understand and comprehend basic math including addition and subtraction and calculations for area, length, time.  Read, understand and utilize tape measure and measuring wheel.

Ability to receive directions and constructive criticism from divisional management.

Ability to learn complex task and remember how to complete tasks without assistance once trained.

Ability to perform data entry tasks using a computer keyboard, mouse, touchscreen, and/or keypad requiring the use hands, wrists, and fingers.

Ability to work regularly scheduled and unscheduled overtime work hours.          

Ability to deal tactfully with deadlines and interruptions.

Ability to work with and around hazardous chemicals and materials. 

This job description is not intended to be and should not be construed as an all-inclusive list of all the responsibilities, skills or working conditions associated with the position.  While it is intended to accurately reflect the position activities and requirements, management reserves the right to modify, add or remove duties and assign other duties as necessary.  This job description does not constitute a written or implied contract of employment.

Revision Date -3/2/17