Maintenance Foreman Job Description

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Under the general supervision of the Meter Services Supervisor, assists in planning, coordinating, and directing the reading and recording of all City water meters for monthly billing, new account turn-ons, closing account shut-offs, and shut-offs for non-payment.  In addition, coordinates and directs Meter Service Workers and others in responding to customer complaints and inquiries.  Work involves some independence within established policies, procedures, and guidelines.  Work assignments are received verbally and/or through written requests.  Work is reviewed through observation, progress reports, inspection or conference, and through results obtained.  Performs other work as required.




Directs, coordinates, and answers customer complaints and inquiries as they relate to small leaks, meter readings, water usage, water quality and/or other service oriented type work.

Assigns daily meter reading routes.

Assist Meter Services Supervisor in routinely loading and unloading individual hand-held and or lap top computer meter reading information into main computer for utility billing and work order reports.

Reviews, plans, and directs work of subordinates on a daily basis.

Assume duties of Meter Service Worker and/or Meter Reader as required.

Assist in updating -Division maintenance records.

Assist Meter Services Supervisor in maintaining division’s personnel time sheets, equipment records, material records, and necessary cost reports.

Assist Meter Services Supervisor in preparing and administering Meter Services Division budget.

Assist in maintenance of an effective accident preparation and bi-weekly safety program.

Interacts with customers of both commercial and residential accounts in a professional manner.

Monitors and coordinates meter testing with customer, testing facility, and/or manufacturer.

Stands in for Meter Services Supervisor during absence due to vacation, illness, etc.



Position requires a High School diploma or G.E.D with a minimum of four (4) years working experience in customer service/meter reading, as well as knowledge of water distribution systems with at least three (3) of those years in a progressively responsible role. Position requires a Department of Environmental Protection Level 3 Distribution System Operator’s license as issued by the State of Florida.  Position requires dependable diplomatic skills in representing policies and working effectively with City personnel, employees and the public. Requires skill in applying meter test circles to accounts and a high level of attention to details as it pertains to utility billing, meter reading and work orders. Position also requires valid State of Florida driver’s license.  Applicants who possess a valid out of state driver’s license must obtain the Florida driver’s license within 10 days of employment.


Knowledge and skill in the use of computer based meter-reading systems.

Knowledge and skill in applying test circles to accounts as they relate to meter reading and billing purposes.

Knowledge, skill, and ability to install, test and/or repair water meters up to 1” in size.

Knowledge and skill to assess the type and magnitude of water leaks and ability to implement the necessary repairs.

Knowledge of the City’s water distribution system, as it relates to residential and commercial meter assembly locations and other utility water interconnects.

Knowledge and skill in modern management methods and practices.

Knowledge and ability to implement occupational safety rules and procedures as they relate to the meter services/meter reading aspect of water distribution systems.

Knowledge of commercial meters and backflow assemblies and ability to interpret test reports generated by system personnel.

Ability and skill to work from and to interpret plans, blueprints, and maps.

Ability and skill to supervise and direct the activities of subordinates.

Ability to follow oral and written instructions.

Ability and skill to generate and communicate through written reports and memos.


Ability to read and comprehend work orders, field orders, equipment/tool manuals, safety manuals, computer screens, computer print outs, and other printed and/or written material as it relates to the job.

Ability to understand and comprehend area maps as they relate to the locations of water mains, meters, valves services, hydrants, and blow offs.

Ability to understand and comprehend basic math as it relates to volumes, pressure, flows, capacity, pumping rates, etc.

Ability to identify and comprehend colors as they relate to traffic and/or road signs, safety equipment, utility markings, and other utility related materials.

Ability to hear and understand instructions and directions given in the English language and spoken in a normal tone of voice with someone face-to-face and over two-way radio.  Hear verbal warnings and basic instructions given by co-workers while working in noisy environments, confined spaces or in the immediate vicinity of heavy equipment.

Ability to verbally communicate with co-workers and others in the English language face-to-face and over two-way radio.

Ability to generate, and complete work orders, field orders, warehouse material requisitions, vehicle service forms, and technical memos in a legible and understandable manner.

Ability to type on computer keyboard and use touch tone telephone dialing keys in an efficient manner.

Ability to, at times, work while bending, kneeling, stooping, standing, sitting and/or stretching.  May be required to move laterally in any of the above mentioned positions.

Ability to safely walk over and around cluttered work areas and uneven surfaces.  Climb up and down ladders and/or steps and stand on ladders.  Work while standing on uneven and/or wet surfaces.

Ability to enter confined spaces such as meter vaults.

Ability to work for extended periods in all weather conditions.

Ability to locate water meters in the field.

Ability to maintain a professional attitude while working in close proximity with others in confined spaces and/or under situations of duress.

Ability to communicate in a professional manner with the general public.

Ability to issue verbal and written directives and constructive criticism to subordinates.

Ability to receive directions and constructive criticism from divisional management.

Ability to walk extended distances up to three (3) miles while reading meters, relocate vehicle, and repeat scenario.

Ability to climb into, operate, and climb out of small service vehicles numerous times during the work day.

Ability to skillfully and efficiently use such hand tools as open and/socket wrenches, screwdrivers, t-bar/valve wrench, shovel, rake, etc.

Ability to load, unload, and set meter boxes and meter box lids weighing up to 30 lbs.


This job description is not intended to be and should not be construed as an all-inclusive list of all the responsibilities, skills, or working conditions associated with the position.  While it is intended to accurately reflect the position activities and requirements, management reserves the right to modify, add, or remove duties and assign other duties as necessary.  This job description does not constitute a written or implied contract of employment.

Revision Date - 03/09/17