Engineering Technician Job Description

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Under the direction of the City Engineer, performs professional technical work in meeting the engineering and geographic information system needs of the Engineering Department. Work assignments are made both orally and in writing. Work is performed under close supervision and is regularly reviewed through observation, conferences, periodic inspection, and results obtained. Performs other work as required.



Prepares advanced engineering plans for construction projects including water, wastewater and stormwater in AutoCAD.

Prepares, revises, and updates maps for project use.

Draws illustrations/sketches for public presentation.

Uses ESRI ArcGIS software to manage the Engineering Department’s GIS data.

Prepares maintenance of traffic plans for construction projects and special activity permits.

Provides technical assistance to the public and to other municipal divisions.

Inspects work conducted by contractors on behalf of the City for compliance with DBE and EEO state and federal requirements while serving as the resident compliance specialist.

Process and review Abandon and Vacate requests in accordance with City Code.

Process and assigns addresses as needed following the E-911 guidelines.

Answers and responds to public inquiries and complaints and refers matters to appropriate City or other public agencies.

Stores and archives documents, surveys, construction plans, and as-built drawings.

Assists administration with compiling reports and permits.

Aids in the conversion of the Engineering Department’s AutoCAD, hard copy, and georeferenced raster drawings into ArcGIS geodatabases.

Maintains relevant hard copies and computer records and files.

Assist in collecting traffic data including deployment of traffic count devices.

Attends meetings, conferences and workshops as requested and authorized.

Attends training for resident compliance specialist duties as required/recommended for the City’s Local Agency Program (LAP) certification.

Assists with answering telephones, especially during times of minimal office staffing.

Performs related work as required.




High school diploma, G.E.D, or equivalent certificate of competency; minimum of three years of drafting or design experience at the full performance level; or any equivalent combination of acceptable education and experience which provides the required skills, knowledge and abilities. Must have working knowledge of AutoCAD. Two years’ experience with GIS systems is preferred. Must possess and maintain a valid State of Florida driver’s license. Applicants who possess a valid out of state driver’s license must obtain the Florida driver’s license within 10 days of employment. Must obtain MOT certification within three months of employment.



Working knowledge of AutoCAD, engineering design standards (principles, practices and techniques of engineering drawings related to drafting) and specifications related to utility and drainage projects.

Knowledge of principles, practices, and techniques of engineering drawing related to drafting.

Knowledge of basic mathematics, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry.

Ability to make accurate, neat and legible drawings using AutoCAD (Version 13 or latest version).

Knowledge of ESRI ArcGIS software.

Knowledge of research techniques, methods, and procedures.

Knowledge of the Internet for work related purposes.

Ability to read maps, legal descriptions, and other legal documents.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others.

Ability to operate various personal computers with various software packages as well as other office machines.



Ability to read and comprehend engineering plans, specifications and technical manuals.

Ability to work in heat, cold, around noise, and other undesirable environmental conditions.

Ability to hear and comprehend conversation spoken at various tones of voice and at various speeds.

Ability to see, write quickly, speak and comprehend conversation and symbols in English.

Ability to use hands, wrists, and fingers to write and type.

Ability to bend, stoop, kneel, and squat.

Ability to work regularly scheduled and unscheduled overtime hours.

Ability to work on computers for extended periods of time without rest.

Ability to operate a motor vehicle.

Ability to sit and stand for extended periods of time without rest.

Ability to see and read letters, numbers, words, characters, or symbols which are both large and small, as well as identify colors.

Ability to see and read both large and small written and printed characters.

Ability to hear and understand a normal conversational tone of voice and use a telephone.

Ability to remain in an awkward position for more than 10 minutes but not to exceed 30 minutes.

Ability to lift, carry, push and pull items weighing up to 50 lbs.

Ability to lift and carry items that are difficult to hold and carry.

Ability to speak clearly and concisely.

Ability to work accurately in a high-paced environment with noise and constant interruptions.

Ability to learn, understand, and remember tasks.


This job description is not intended to be and should not be construed as an all inclusive list of all the responsibilities, skills or working conditions associated with the position. While it is intended to accurately reflect the position activities and requirements, management reserves the right to modify, add or remove duties and assign other duties as necessary. This job description does not constitute a written or implied contract of employment.

Revision Date - 3/28/16