Business Cards

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Vendor: American Solutions for Business
Account Manager: Bill Robinson
Phone: (321) 749-8151

  1. All orders must be placed on this dedicated webpage for city business card orders. Do not attempt to order business cards through the vendor's website home page.
  2. Choose the right delivery location: City Hall (Strawbridge) or Central Warehouse (Harper Rd).
  3. Click on the “City of Melbourne Business Card” link.
  4. You can then “view pricing" for specified quantities and click on the image of the business card to select desired quantity and enter your card information.
  5. Thoroughly review the order information before clicking “Order Now.” Once the order is sent, it cannot be canceled. You will be responsible for payment despite any errors made.
  6. To ensure the order is complete make sure you see the statement "Thank you for your order" before exiting the page.
  7. Print out a copy of your order for easier tracking if a problem does arise.

Contact Brigitte Bache (321-608-7063 or if you have any questions.