Guide to Hiring Temporary Staff

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When a department identifies a work assignment that is either immediate or limited in duration and there are no internal resources available to complete this function, the department may request approval from the City Manager for workers from the contracted temporary staffing agency.

The City’s Human Resources Policy Section 2.12 - USE OF A TEMPORARY AGENCY establishes this process.

It is the policy of the City of Melbourne to fill vacancies with existing Department or Citywide resources when possible. However, if such resources are not available, and it is necessary to obtain assistance from outside the City to complete daily work requirements, the City of Melbourne may contract with a temporary employment agency to provide qualified workers.

Generally, the use of a temporary worker should be for instances that are of limited duration and/or immediate in nature. The Department Director must request authorization by memorandum to the City Manager. This memorandum should be routed through the Human Resources Department. The request should include the duties that the temporary contractual worker will perform, the time-frame that the temporary contractual worker is needed, the recommended rate of pay for this worker, and whether sufficient funds are in the Department/Division budget to fund this expense. The Human Resources Department will contact the temporary agency to fill the position once approval from the City Manager is obtained.

Steps to Follow:

  1. Identify an immediate or temporary need and an appropriate title for the assignment.
  2. Prepare a memo through the Human Resources Manager to the City Manager to include:
    Minimum qualifications and duties to be performed by the temporary worker.
    Duration of the assignment
    Location and staff member to report to
    Staff member to receive invoices
    Rate of pay (including the staffing agencies administrative cost (see assignment categories below), i.e. $10.00/hr x 121% = $12.10/hr. Temporary assignment categories include: Clerical 121%, Maintenance 129%, Recreation 124% and Other 121%.
    Funding source for the expense
    Approval/denial option and signature/date area at the bottom of the memo
  3. Once the City Manager has approved the request for a temporary assignment; provide a copy to the Human Resources Administrative Assistant II.
  4. The Human Resources Administrative Assistant II will place the order with the staffing agency. If a department has identified an individual to fill the assignment, please notify the Human Resources Department.
  5. If computer use will be necessary, the hiring department needs to provide an Information Technology Maintenance Form through RemedyForce to the IT department requesting needed access or equipment needed for the assignment. Contact the Helpdesk at 608-7700 for assistance.
  6. Prepare a Purchase Requisition for the temporary assignment. Contact Procurement at 608-7060 for assistance.
  7. The staffing agency will email invoices to department representatives and copy the Human Resources Administrative Assistant II. Departments are responsible to review and process all invoices. 

Any change in temporary staffing should be communicated to the Human Resources Administrative Assistant II who maintains a spreadsheet reflecting temporary personnel and assignments.