What is Stormwater?

Stormwater runoff has been identified as the number-one source of pollution in the Indian River Lagoon.

Stormwater runoff is rain that washes off driveways, parking lots, roads, yards, rooftops, and other hard surfaces. Stormwater picks up pollutants, such as nutrients from fertilizers and grass clippings, chemicals, bacteria, sediment, and trash, then washes these things into ditches and storm drains that ultimately lead into the Indian River Lagoon.

A stormwater system is different from a sanitary sewer system. A stormwater system is for conveyance of stormwater runoff.  A sanitary sewer system is for the conveyance and treatment of effluent or human waste. In the City of Melbourne, these are two separate systems.

Commercial and residential projects constructed since the late-1980s typically have a stormwater treatment component. However, many developments within the City of Melbourne were constructed before stormwater treatment features were mandated in new construction. Therefore, not all stormwater receives treatment. 

What the City is Doing

The City of Melbourne is actively working to add in stormwater treatment features to residential and commercial areas that were developed without them. The City also regulates discharges into the stormwater system and conducts education and outreach activities to enlist citizens in the effort to reduce and prevent pollution in the Indian River Lagoon.

What You Can Do

Learn how you can help prevent stormwater pollution

Report Pollution

Call the Stormwater Hotline at 321-608-7341 if you see someone blowing grass clippings/trash/yard debris into the roadway, curb or storm drain, or if you see someone pouring an unknown substance into a storm drain. You can also call this number to ask questions about what the city is doing and to learn how you can help the Indian River Lagoon.

(Please note: This is not the number to call to report structural problems in the roadway. If you need to report a pothole or broken inlet or other similar concern, please call our Streets Division at 321-608-5300.)