Site Plans

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Providing Site Plans to the City of Melbourne

Construction and/or redevelopment projects should expect to address several issues related to the site if additional square feet and/or additional parking areas are added.  The issues are listed below, along with the portion of the
City Code which discusses the topic.

  • Building Setbacks – Appendix B, Article V, Section 2, Tables 1B & 2B
  • Parking Requirements – Appendix D, Chapter 9, Article V
  • Landscaping Requirements – Appendix D, Chapter 9, Article XV
  • Building Code – Appendix D, Chapter 13
  • Solid Waste Requirements – Appendix D, Chapter 9, Article II
  • Stormwater Management – Chapter 50

Site Plan Review Categories

Each construction/redevelopment project will be reviewed by City staff. An explanation of site plan review categories is provided below:

  • Formal Site Plan Review:
    • Submit to the Community Development Department
    • All commercial developments over 3 acres
    • All industrial developments over 5 acres
    • All multi-family developments over 20 units
    • All new development in Downtown Melbourne Redevelopment Area
    • (Must also go through construction site plan review)
  • Construction Plan Review:
    • Submit to Engineering Department, Approved by City Engineer
    • Formal Site Plans, once approved by City Council.
    • Commercial developments under 3 acres
    • Industrial developments under 5 acres
    • Modifications to existing developed sites that do not include building additions greater than 500 sq. ft. but may include parking lot modifications
    • Site plan is required to be signed and sealed by an engineer, and retention areas must be provided on site.

Development Review Process

Final determination of site plan review categories for specific projects will be made by the Engineering Department. For more information, call (321) 608-7300.

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