Projects in a Redevelopment Area

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The City of Melbourne has three community redevelopment areas (CRAs)

For properties located within the Downtown Melbourne CRA and the Eau Gallie CRA, there are thresholds for the review of development projects:

  • Projects that include renovation of any facility requiring an increase of less than 25 percent of the gross square footage of the floor area shall only require city staff approval through the Engineering Department (For more information please see Construction Plan Review);
  • Projects located on property greater than 1 acre are considered to be a Formal Site Plan for review and final consideration by the Planning & Zoning Board and City Council.
  • Projects located within the Eau Gallie Art Overlay Zone. This section shall apply to 21 square blocks of existing residential housing as an area that supports a live/work environment for artists, limited office, and low intensity commercial uses while maintaining the residential character of the neighborhood. The zone shall promote a scale of development conducive to pedestrian activity and encourage the use of consistent sidewalks, landscaping and business signage. Utilizing the existing scale of structures, new structures and buildings will provide the opportunity to create a focus for revitalization and promotion of the historical, cultural and artistic environment. Overlay regulations only apply to properties with a mixed use future land use classification and C-1 (Neighborhood Commercial) zoning.

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