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Annexation denotes the process of making a property part of a municipality. Annexations must meet the requirements established in Chapter 171, Florida Statutes.

Annexation in Florida is primarily accomplished in two ways:

  • Referendum vote and by a petition for voluntary annexation. The referendum process requires the registered voters of a defined geographic area to vote on the issue of annexation. The petition for voluntary annexation process allows individual property owners to decide whether their property becomes part of the City. A property owner must also submit petitions for City future land use and zoning classifications.    
  • The City of Melbourne requires the annexation of contiguous properties within the unincorporated County prior to providing water and/or sewer service. Owners of non-contiguous properties who wish to connect to the City’s water or wastewater infrastructure are required to execute a pre-annexation agreement (which requires a property to annex at the time it becomes contiguous to the City boundary).

Benefits of Annexation Into the City of Melbourne

There are many reasons to be interested in annexation into the City of Melbourne. For owners of vacant property who have future development plans, the City of Melbourne is capable of providing water services (in the City’s water service area), contingent upon annexation into the City. The City also provides excellent police services with quick response times, as well as high quality fire protection services. Additionally, the Melbourne City Council provides citizens an exceptional venue through which to participate in government and express their views on community issues. Melbourne residents also receive a 10 percent reduction in their water utility bill. Furthermore, the City maintains stable land use, zoning, and development regulations that result in more consistent land use patterns. All of these aspects translate into higher property values and a better quality of life for City residents.

For More Information

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