Olde Eau Gallie Riverfront CRA

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The Olde Eau Gallie Riverfront Community Redevelopment Area was established by the City of Melbourne under the authority granted by Brevard County on May 22, 2001. The area includes a downtown that was once the City of Eau Gallie, prior to the cities of Eau Gallie and Melbourne merging in 1969 upon approval by voters.

The public purpose of this CRA is to eliminate slum and blight conditions within its boundaries.

The CRA uses tax increment financing (TIF) to capture both city and county taxes on property values that exceeded the 2001 base level. These funds are used to finance capital improvement projects and economic incentive programs.

As a result of the redevelopment district, Eau Gallie Square was constructed and improved, the Highland Avenue parking lot was purchased, Eau Gallie Pier was reconstructed, grants have been given for façade improvements and Art Overlay Zone improvements, a sidewalk was installed along Eau Gallie Boulevard, benches were purchased, and business wayfinding signs have been installed.

The Olde Eau Gallie Riverfront Community Redevelopment Agency Board is composed of City Council members, who make decisions on which programs and projects to fund, based on the adopted CRA plan.

To review projects and programs and make recommendations, the Redevelopment Agency Board has appointed members to the Olde Eau Gallie Riverfront CRA Advisory Committee.

Public Meetings

The Melbourne City Council serves as the Community Redevelopment Agency Board for all three Community Redevelopment Agencies; therefore, the meeting schedule for the Community Redevelopment Agencies mirrors the City Council meeting schedule. Business pertaining to the Community Redevelopment Agencies may not appear on every City Council agenda.

Schedule of CRA public meetings.

Current Projects

Current priorities for CRA expenditures include Highland Avenue and Eau Gallie Square lighting, public parking infrastructure, and partnering with the Space Coast Transportation Planning Organization on the Pineapple Avenue Complete Street project to provide crosswalks on Pineapple Avenue, based on an an adopted master plan. Projects, programs and goals are comprehensively outlined within the CRA Annual Report in the resource link below. 

Olde Eau Gallie Riverfront CRA Redevelopment Plan

Approved in May 2001, this document, as amended, sets forth the projects and programs the CRA can focus their financing efforts on.

Economic Incentive Programs and Grants

The Olde Eau Gallie Riverfront CRA is pleased to offer economic incentive programs and grants that are available to eligible properties within the limits of the CRA.

EGAD Main Street

The CRA provides an annual grant to help support EGAD (Eau Gallie Arts District) Main Street, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the economic revitalization of the historic Eau Gallie area of Melbourne.

Historic and Architectural Review Board

Exterior changes to commercial buildings and signage in the CRA require prior approval from the Historic & Architectural Review Board, which is appointed by City Council. More information, including adopted design guidelines and application can be found on the Historic and Architectural Review Board page.

Outdoor Seating, Display and A-Frames

Businesses located in the Olde Eau Gallie Riverfront CRA may be permitted outdoor display, an A-frame sign, and outdoor seating if they meet eligibility requirements. For more information, please contact the Community Development Department at 321-608-7500. 


Budget and Budget Amendments

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Governing Body Contact Information

The Olde Eau Gallie Riverfront Community Redevelopment Area is governed by the Melbourne City Council..

Current contact information and terms of office for Melbourne City Council members.

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