Residential Permits

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When acting in the capacity of owner-builder, the owner is, in essence, a contractor. Therefore, the same requirements are necessary for construction permits:

  • A completed permit application.

  • A complete legal description of the property.

  • Proof of property ownership. This can be a copy of a "recorded deed", current tax statement from the County Tax Assessor, or "Homestead Exemption Card".

  • If the construction value exceeds $2,500, a copy of the Notice of Commencement and a notarized affidavit, stating that the Notice has been filed for recording, is required to be submitted prior to obtaining the first inspection. A copy of the recorded Notice of Commencement is required prior to further inspections.

  • Energy calculations are required for new construction and additions only. Forms are available from the Building Department or can be prepared by an air conditioning company or an insulation company.

  • When applicable, attach a copy of any variance that will apply to this application/construction, or a copy of Architectural Review Board (A.R.B.) approval.

  • Two (2) copies of a survey are required, showing where the addition is located on the property, drawn to the same scale as the survey (reduced copies of surveys will not be accepted, all surveys must be a full copy - to scale).

  • Garage doors, windows, doors, shutters, roofing, etc. shall have two (2) copies of Florida Product Approval information.

  • Two sets of building plans, drawn to scale, on a minimum 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper. Plans are required to be sealed by an engineer or architect, stating compliance with Section 1609 of the Florida Building Code, 5th Edition (2014), for 150 vult wind speed.

The following is required to be shown on the plans:

  • Floor plan showing use of space, existing & proposed

  • Calculated total living area, garage area and patio areas where applicable

  • Wall sections including framing materials and spacing

  • Roof framing layout and overhang including material, spacing, and uplift sealed by the truss company or engineer of record.

  • Electrical layout showing any new outlets and fixture locations

  • Smoke detector locations - required inside and outside of each bedroom. ARC fault protection required in each bedroom.

  • Location of GFI outlets as required by the 2011 NEC.

  • New plumbing fixtures and connections to existing system

  • Any fixtures that will be gas

  • A/C duct layout

  • Window schedule showing window sizes and type, existing and proposed. Installation specifications, design pressures, and anchoring method. View additional information about windows.

  • Door schedule showing door sizes and type, existing and proposed.  Installation specifications, design pressures, and anchoring method.

  • Strength of concrete

  • Attic access location (22" x 30" minimum) if required

Two-story Additions
Any two-story addition on existing footers will require an engineer to verify that the existing footer is adequate, or to make recommendations as to what will be required to carry the additional load, signed and sealed. A tread and riser detail and handrail/guardrail detail showing compliance with the Florida Building Code, 5th Edition (2014) FBC-Residential Sections 311 and 312.

Aluminum Construction
Any aluminum construction will require drawings by an engineer, with a raised seal, or an aluminum contractor with engineering on file at the Building Department.

Detached Structures (Detached Utility Buildings, Garages)
Must have two (2) copies of the property survey, to scale, showing the location of the proposed construction, two (2) sets of construction drawings, to scale, showing the size, type, and method of construction (frame/block), wall section and location of overhead power lines. Two (2) copies of components and cladding (doors, windows, roofing, etc.) manufactures installation requirements and Florida Product Approval information or signed and sealed details by a professional engineer who is registered in the State of Florida.

Swimming Pools/Spas (In-ground & Above Ground)
Must have two (2) copies (full size, to scale) of the property survey from at least foundation stage, showing the pool/spa location from all lot lines to the water’s edge and distances from any other structure drawn to scale on the survey and location of overhead power lines. Submit two (2) sets of plans showing pool/spa size (length, depth, width), pool/spa specification and equipment list, pump connections, pump horsepower, electrical connections and GFI location, plumbing connections, and pool barrier detail. A set of signed and sealed engineered drawings must be on file, showing tank construction and indicating compliance with the Florida Building Code, 5th Edition (2014) Chapter 45.

Fences/Block Walls
Must have two (2) copies of the property survey, to scale, showing the proposed fence location, type (chain link, wood, block), total length and height.

Driveways/Concrete Slabs
ust have two (2) copies of the property survey, to scale, and two (2) sets of plans showing location and type of pavement, how deep, size measurements and wire mesh or fiber mesh, and psi of concrete. A CITY USE PERMIT may be required if the driveway goes through the City right-of-way.

Screen Rooms/Pool Enclosures
Must have two (2) copies of the property survey, to scale, showing the proposed size and location of the structure, and two (2) sets of construction drawings showing method of construction. ALL construction is required to be done by a licensed contractor and the drawings submitted must be signed and sealed by an engineer or architect.

Mobile Home Setups
Must have two (2) copies of a plot plan drawing showing the lot size, the location and size of the mobile home being placed on the lot, and the distance between this mobile home and abutting mobile homes. A letter is required from the Mobile Home Park authorizing placement of the mobile home. A Brevard County impact fee may be required. Indicate tie-down method.


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