Photovoltaic System Installation Permits

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  • Two copies of the following documents shall be submitted for review:
  • Site/Floor plan indicating the locations of all new equipment and existing service equipment
  • Roof plan showing the arrangement of solar panels and associated equipment
  • Signed and sealed engineering for the solar collectors mounted to roof system
    showing compliance with FBC Residential sections 301, 902 or FBC Building sections 1505, 1510, and 1609. Photovoltaic modules shall be listed by an OSHA
    recognized NRTL demonstrating the product has been tested as an assembly to comply with FBC Building 1609 wind load requirements and applicable exposure and risk category.
  • Copy of the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) System Approval Certificate Florida State Statute Chapter 377.705(d)
  • Submit a one-line diagram of the electrical installation which includes the following information for PV panel layout, PV power source short circuit current rating, conductor sizes and material types, system and equipment grounding, grounding electrode system, overcurrent protection and disconnecting means, inverter location and point of connection to existing electrical system.
  • Manufacturers’ specification sheets and installation instructions on all components including but not limited to inverter(s), and solar panels which include the dimensions, weight and output voltage and current of each panel
  • Photovoltaic System KW Rating
  • Total Area of Solar Panels (FT²)

Residential ground mounted arrays shall comply with Melbourne City Code Article
VII, section 1-Accessory Structures. Solar Contractors may perform work pursuant to FAC section 61G4-15.021 on the PV supply side of the inverter.

The interconnection of a PV system that operates parallel with the primary source of electrical energy shall be performed by a licensed Electrical Contractor.


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