Electrical Permit Review - Residential

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  • Submit a complete riser diagram showing all service entrance conductors, feeders, conduit sizes, conductor material types and the grounding electrode system.
  • Locations of all electrical service equipment and panels; showing minimum clearance requirements and permitted locations.
  • Load calculations for new construction and existing buildings or structures when increasing the load.
  • Interrupting ratings of all overcurrent devices, Utility Co. fault current letter, and fault current calculations for services over 200 amperes.
  • Submit complete panel schedule(s) with the minimum required circuits by the NEC. Circuits must be listed on the panel schedule(s) specific to the rooms they serve as required by code.
  • Provide locations of receptacles, switches, and lighting outlets on plans as required by the NEC.
  • Show designations of all ground fault protected devices on plans as required by the NEC.
  • Show Arc fault protected circuits as required by the NEC.
  • Show locations of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors as required by the Florida Building Code.
  • Plans shall state the applicable code versions adopted by the State of Florida according to the date listed on the permit application.


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