Frequently Asked Questions

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Below you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions by individuals regarding requirements and procedures.

    Why does the city require building permits for various projects?

    Building permits are required to ensure that the construction meets the requirements of all state, city and fire prevention codes. Inspections are completed on all permits issued to ensure the safety and welfare of the citizens of Melbourne.

    What type of work requires a permit?

    Any new construction, addition or alteration of existing structures, fences, driveways, parking lots, roofing, swimming pools, solar pool heaters, structural changes, signage, commercial awnings, irrigation systems, tree removal, land disturbing activity, plumbing, electrical, gas or HVAC work requires a permit. Contact the Building Dept. at 321/ 608-7915 for any additional questions.

    What licenses are required for those who apply for a permit in the City of Melbourne?

    • STATE CERTIFIED CONTRACTORS: Copy of State Certification & proof of Workers Compensation Insurance or Affidavit of Exemption.
    • STATE REGISTERED CONTRACTORS: Copy of State Registration, Brevard County Competency Card & proof of Workers Compensation Insurance or Affidavit of Exemption.
    • SUBCONTRACTORS: Copy of county occupational license & proof of Workers Compensation Insurance or Affidavit of Exemption.
    • SPECIALTY CONTRACTORS licensed by the County.

    How long does it take for a permit to be approved?

    If plans only require a single review:
    • Residential Construction Permits require an average of 5 to 7 working days for approval.
    • Commercial Construction Permits require an average of 14 to 21 working days for approval.
    • Fire System Permits (Alarms, Sprinklers, etc.) require an average of 7 to 10 working days for approval. 
    • Certain and HVAC permits may be issued while you wait or within 3 days if plan review is required.

    How do I apply for a permit?

    A permit application must be submitted, along with drawings when applicable, surveys for any new construction or additions to the property, proof of property ownership from the property owner (deed or tax statement), description of work being done, and estimated value of construction. (Shopping centers, malls, and strip centers require a letter of authorization from the shopping center or mall).

    Why do I need to submit surveys of my property?

    Surveys are required for any new construction or additions to existing properties to verify that the proposed construction is wholly located on the owner’s property and that it meets all setback requirements for the zoning district.

    Who needs to sign the permit application?

    The application must be signed by the contractor (license holder) and the owner of the property. Applications for shopping centers, malls, and strip centers, require an owner/agent signature. All required signatures must be notarized.

    Can I receive a permit as owner/builder?

    Yes, if all of the following apply:
    • If applicant is the owner.
    • If ownership is by an individual.
    • If use is specifically by owner.
    • If property is not for sale or lease for a period of one year.
    • (Commercial only) if construction value is less than $75,000.

    Do my plans need to be signed and sealed?

    Yes, if any of the following apply:


    • If proposed work is attached to main structure.
    • If proposed work is an in ground swimming pool.
    • If proposed work must meet wind load requirements, i.e. flag pole, satellite dish, all types of aluminum construction, and solar panel installation.


    All proposed work, with the following exceptions:
    • Parking lots.
    • Proposed work less than $2,500 in value, which does not effect structural or means of egress components.