Special Activity Permits

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Farmers Market in Melbourne

From business promotions and festivals to parades and marathons, the City of Melbourne is proud to host several hundred special events each year. The city’s goal is to enhance the quality of life, vitality and economic prosperity of the community through the support of special events.

The City of Melbourne’s special activity permitting process is designed to ensure the safety of event participants and city personnel assigned to the event, benefit the event organizer, and protect city assets, while still maintaining the highest level of service to taxpayers throughout the rest of the city.

To request an application for a special activity permit along with the special activity permitting procedures, send an e-mail to or contact the City Clerk’s Office at (321) 608-7220. Please indicate if you are conducting a business promotion (placement of a banner, inflatable sign, temporary sign, or tent). Applicants for a business promotion have the ability to complete a one-page application to apply for a permit.