Administrative Review Committee

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The committee is empowered to grant a waiver of setbacks, lot area, and lot size requirements in any zoning district. The committee shall be composed of the Code Compliance Director, City Engineer, and the Community Development Director, or their City staff designees. A decision of the committee must be unanimous. Waivers shall apply to only those items outlined in Appendix B, Article IX, Section 8, City Code, and shall not exceed 10% of the required minimum setback in the specific zoning classification. The waiver shall not, in the opinion of the committee, have an adverse affect on the neighborhood or general welfare of the area. Denial of a request for an administrative waiver shall not preclude an applicant from requesting a variance from the Board of Adjustment under the provisions of Appendix B, Article IX, Section 7, City Code.

NOTE: Members must complete an annual Financial Disclosure Form.

The committee shall meet upon request at City Hall.

Meeting Agendas and Minutes