Preparing Your Home

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Before a Hurricane is in the Forecast

Hurricanes create a tremendous amount of debris that often takes weeks or months to collect. You can help reduce the amount of debris — and the time it takes for all of it to be collected — by keeping your yard and fence maintained before a storm is in the forecast.

Check Trees

  • Remove any dead limbs, branches and palm fronds from trees.
  • Trim them back if needed.

Check Fencing

  • Older fences could be rotted or unstable and may be ripped from the ground in high winds. A dangerous warning sign is if the fence wobbles in relatively strong gusts.
  • Perform regular maintenance. Look for loose or weak boards and nail or replace them as necessary.
  • If your fence is beyond its years, it may be best to get a new one before you see a hurricane.

If a Hurricane or Strong Storm is in the Forecast

  • Remove any loose objects that aren’t secured to the ground.

  • Put lawn furniture into the garage and take decorations inside. Even trampolines can catch a strong wind and destroy your fence.

  • Be sure to remove any flags or small flag poles — these can be especially dangerous.

  • Check for and remove trash and yard debris on the ground that could get caught up in high winds and inflict injury to people or damage property. This sort of debris could also get caught up in storm drains and canals and increase the potential for flooding.

  • Never stack tree trimmings, yard debris or any kind of trash on top of a stormwater inlet. These can wash into and clog the inlet, which could cause flooding on your street.

  • Turn off automatic sprinklers. 


Not all homes need sandbags. If you are in a low-lying area that is prone to flooding, sandbags may be used to protect your home by placing them across doorways to prevent water from entering the building.

Most home improvement stores carry sandbags. You can purchase them and keep them in your hurricane supply kit and then fill them with any kind of sand or dirt available on your property. Home improvement stores often also sell fill dirt as well.

Turn Off Automatic Sprinklers

Also, please turn off automatic sprinklers if a storm is in the forecast. This will help reduce the amount of water going into the stormwater drains and will help prevent flooding. 

Turn Off Water to Prevent Damage (If You Evacuate)

If you evacuate, shut off your house valve to protect your home. If you have a dock it is especially important that you shut off water to the dock if a hurricane is approaching.