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Excited Delirium Cases

Post Date:06/29/2018 9:02 AM

CASE# MP180040658 AND MP180040699

Event: Excited Delirium Cases

Date/Time of Event: 06/28/2018 at 0949 hours and 6/28/2018 at 1248 hours
Location of Event:  Intersection of Aurora Rd. and Wickham Rd. and Melbourne Regional Medical Center

Officers from Melbourne Police Department responded to two separate incidents on 6/28/2018 in which subjects were acting in an erratic manner. 

The first incident occurred near the intersection of Aurora Rd. and Wickham Rd. at approximately 0949 hours.  Citizens reported seeing a male hiding behind trees and then running through traffic, back and forth across the intersection. Officers made contact with the male and determined he needed a medical evaluation.  The male was combative and resisted officers’ attempts to restrain him for transport. The officers were able to take the subject into protective custody and place him in an ambulance with paramedics for transport to a nearby hospital.  

The second incident occurred at the Melbourne Regional Medical Center located at 250 N. Wickham Road at approximately 1248 hours. This individual was acting erratically in the emergency room and was disruptive with hospital staff.  Officers arrived as this male’s behavior was escalating and he acted out physically toward the staff.  Officers assisted staff members with restraining the male so he could undergo medical treatment.  During the confrontation, the male yelled out that he would never do drugs again.  The officers inquired to the type of drugs he had ingested at which time he advised that he had taken heroin which was also laced with Flakka.  Both subjects are suspected of suffering from drug induced Excited Delirium and are receiving medical treatment at this time.

The Melbourne Police Department does not have any information that the two males know each other and/or if they obtained their drugs from the same source. However, the department wants the community to be aware of these incidents as these drugs  create a public safety risk and are dangerous.  Erratic and sometimes violent behavior is a serious side effect to synthetic or hallucinogenic drug abuse.  Should you see someone who appears to be under the influence of a controlled dangerous substance and is acting erratically, either in public or at home, please contact your local police and emergency medical service for assistance.  Avoid interacting with these subjects as their actions can be unpredictable.  Often friends and family members of these individuals are surprised by their behaviors and describe the person as normally passive or nonviolent.  These individuals are likely suffering a medical emergency which without treatment can be life threatening.  If you see something, please say something.

The Melbourne Police Department is investigating this incident. If you have any information please call Crime line:  1-800-423-TIPS (8477)

The Media Relations Office is available during normal business hours Mon-Fri., 8am-5pm. During non-business hours, please contact us by calling our non-emergency number (321-608-6731) for the on-duty Watch Commander. Thank you.

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