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Reverse Osmosis Treatment Plant Details and Statistics
Name and Address of Plant:
Joe Mullins Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Facility  
5980 Lake Washington Road 
Melbourne, FL   32934
Contact Information:
Fred Davis, Superintendent
Phone: (321) 255-4622
Fax: (321) 255-4636

Engineering and Design Firm:
Gee & Jenson, Jacksonville, Florida
Membrane System Contractor/Supplier:
L*A Water, Walnut, California
Start-up Date:  May 1995
Design Capacity 6.5 MGD
Production/Day 5.0 MGD
Amount Blended 1.5 MGD
Blend Water Source (non-RO treated) -groundwater
Total Plant Production Volume 6.5 MGD
Membrane Recovery 80%
Membrane Data:
Material: Thin Film Composite
Membrane Type: Spiral wound
Membrane Configuration: 48/24
Total Number of Membranes per Train: 504
Number of Trains: 2
Initial Installation:  December 1994
Date of Last Major Membrane Replacement:
Train A- April 2005
Train B - February 2005
Water source:  Groundwater
Well Water Analysis:
PH:  7.7
Alkalinity:  120
Total Hardness:  630
Chlorides:  754
Color: 6
TDS:  1615
Conductivity:  2956
Permeate Water Analysis:
PH:  6.8
Alkalinity:  11
Total Hardness:  10
Chlorides:  34
Color: 1
TDS:  69
Conductivity:  127
Other Information:
bullet Permeate water is sent to the Actiflo CT Blend Station where it receives post-treatment consisting of chlorine, ammonia, caustic, and fluoride.
bullet Concentrate (brine) water treatment consists of sulfuric acid.
bullet Concentrate (brine) water is discharged to a surface water source.
bullet Discharge permits held: FDEP and NPDES

Process Equipment Specifications


Pre-Filter Data:
Housing Quantity: 2
Material: 316 stainless steel; 150 psi code stamped
Number of pre-filters per housing:  156
Pre-filter Housing: 4' long, 39-1/4"
Type of Pre-filter:  5 micron polypropylene

High Pressure R.O. Pump Data:
Quantity:  2
Type: Vertical turbine multi-stage
Material: 316 stainless steel
Flow Rate: 2270 gpm
Motor:  350hp, 1775 rpm
R.O. Train Data: (M/L 17455)
No. of Trains: 2
No. of Pressure Tubes Per Train: 72
Staging Array: 48/24
Elements per Train: 504
Elements per Pressure Tube: 7
Material: Thin film composite polyamide
Size: 8" diameter by 40" long
Operating Data:
Number of Trains:
Inlet Flow Rater per Train: 2125 gpm
Product Flow per Train: 1700 gpm
Concentrate (brine) Flow per Train:  425 gpm

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