Water Supply & Distribution

Water Conservation Program

Customer Education Goal: To supply Melbourne water customers with the information they need to make wise water-use decisions.

Student Education Goal: To educate future customers, taxpayers and decision makers about conserving water and protecting our water resources, guiding their actions for years to come.

Teacher Education Goal: To reach a larger number of students on a more in-depth and effective level utilizing the skills and enthusiasm of local teachers.

Employee and Local Business Education Goal: To work with employees of the City of Melbourne and the employees of local businesses to promote water conservation.

Alliances and Partnership Goal: To form and cultivate alliances with other City of Melbourne departments and other municipal, state, federal and private institutions for joint projects and sources of funding.

Media and Public Information Goal: To utilize all forms of media to disseminate our water conservation message.

Irrigation Goal: To increase the area’s native plantings and reduce the potable water irrigation demand on the City’s water system.

Ordinances Goal: To update existing ordinances and enact new ordinances that aid in conserving our water resources.

For more information on water conservation, contact the Environmental Community Outreach Manager at (321) 953-6302 or e-mail questions to: utilitiesconserve@melbourneflorida.org
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Lake Washington - Click image for a tour of our photo gallery

Lake Washington provides a surface water supply for the Melbourne area.

Water pumped from Lake Washington is treated at the John A. Buckley Surface Water Treatment Plant.

City of Melbourne, FL Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant  -  Click image for a tour of our photo gallery

The Joe Mullins Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant was put into operation in 1995 and processes water drawn from deep wells. 

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