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Plumbing Retrofit Programs
Plumbing retrofit programs have been established to assist customers in their own water conservation efforts.

Melbourne is in its eleventh year of a successful toilet retrofit rebate program.  A $50 rebate is provided to Melbourne residential water customers who retrofit their old, high water using toilets to new 1.6 gallon ultra-low flush toilets.

During the first year of the program, $2,500 was budgeted for the program, but, even with very limited publicity, demand was so high that an additional $1,089 was provided for the program. Melbourne's current budget provides $6,000.

The water-saving benefits are far outweighing the cost of the program. As an example, the average person flushes five times per day.  A typical 1970's model toilet uses five gallons for every flush, which equals 25 gallons per day.  With a new 1.6 gallon toilet, those same five flushes would use eight gallons. For a household of four people, the water savings would be 68 gallons per day, 2,100 gallons per month or 25,200 gallons per year. 

Besides the toilet retrofit rebate program, the City also provides many other water conserving devices to customers. These include low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators, displacement devices for toilets that save almost a gallon per flush, leak detection tablets for toilets, shower flow gauges, and rain gauges.

These devices are distributed in a number of ways. They are given out at environmental expos and events, they are provided to new and existing customers at the City’s Utility Billing Customer Service Desk, and they are also given to customers, including apartments and condominiums, as well as individual homeowners, who call and request help with conserving water.

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