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Melbourne Utilities at a Glance
Water Production & Distribution
Number of Customers: 150,000
Daily Water Production Permitted Capacity: 25 million gallons
(Surface Water Plant: 20 MGD, Reverse Osmosis Groundwater Plant: 5.0 MGD)
Average Daily Demand: 15.5 million gallons
Number of Storage Facilities: 9 (4 elevated storage tanks, 4 remote pump stations with ground storage tanks)
Number of Production Wells: 4
Number of Chloramine Booster Stations: 5
Miles of Water Main: 2,127
Number of Fire Hydrants: 4,838
Number of Water Meters: 55,773
Number of Backflow Preventers: 3,130
Wastewater Treatment & Wastewater Collection
Number of Customers: 74,000
Daily Wastewater Treatment Permitted Capacity: 12.5 million gallons (D.B. Lee WWTP: 7.0 MGD, Grant Street WWTP: 5.5 MGD)
Average Daily Use: 7.53 million gallons (D.B. Lee WWTP: 4.1 MG, Grant Street WWTP: 3.43 MG)
Miles of Gravity Sewer Main: 262
Miles of Sewer Force Main:  52
Number of Lift Stations: 85
Number of Manholes: 5,700
Reclaimed Water Production & Distribution:
Daily Reclaimed Water Permitted Capacity: 6 million gallons
(D.B. Lee WWTP: 4.0 MGD, Grant Street WWTP: 2.0 MGD)
Average Daily Production: 2.28 million gallons (D.B. Lee WWTP: 1.93 MG, Grant Street WWTP: 0.35 MG)
Miles of Reclaimed Water Main: 25

Acronym Definitions

MGD: Million Gallons Per Day
MG:   Million Gallons
RO:   Reverse Osmosis
WTP: Water Treatment Plant
WWTP: Wastewater Treatment Plant

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Lake Washington - Click image for a tour of our photo gallery

Lake Washington provides a surface water supply for the Melbourne area.

Water pumped from Lake Washington is treated at the John A. Buckley Surface Water Treatment Plant.

City of Melbourne, FL Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant  -  Click image for a tour of our photo gallery

The Joe Mullins Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant was put into operation in 1995 and processes water drawn from deep wells. 

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