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We have enhanced our online payment portal!
Please review the following information to learn more about our online payment profile system.
You can now securely store payment information and you may sign up for automatic payments!
What is a Profile?
Your payment profile allows you to manage the payments for one or more accounts associated with the City of Melbourne Utilities. You may securely store credit/debit card, and/or bank account information to be used for payment(s) on accounts attached to your payment profile. In addition to making your payment, you can also set up automatic or scheduled payments for your account(s).
What information is required to set up a Profile?
Signing up for a Profile requires limited information. The required information is just Your First and Last name, an active email address where you can receive payment receipts and related account notifications. You will also select a User Name and set a Password for your Profile.
What are the Password requirements?
Your password must be a minimum of 8 characters AND it must meet 3 of these 4 conditions:
  1. 1. At least one Uppercase letter
  2. 2. At least one Lowercase letter
  3. 3. At least one Number
  4. 4. At least one Special character (excludes: " & ; < >)
Once I create a Profile, what's next?
Next you will add your account(s) to your profile! Select "Add Account" in the Current Account Options section. You may want to reference the most recent copy of your bill for your account and/or customer number information. Remember! You may attach multiple accounts to your Profile. There is no need to set up a Profile for each account you may have or wish to pay on.
What else can I add to my Profile?
You can add a default address. Having a default address attached to your profile can eliminate the need for re-entering your address as you add credit/debit cards. The default address will be used each time you add a credit/debit card. If the default address is not associated with the credit/debit card you are adding, you will be able to enter a different address.

You can also add payment information and store it securely.

Your payment (credit/debit card, bank account) information can be kept securely on file for use with all of your payments. Once you add a payment method, the information will be securely retained in your profile for your future use. You may assign specific payment methods to each of your recurring or scheduled payments. You can also use any of your stored payment methods for your "pay now" single payments.
What credit card information is required in order to store the credit card on my profile?
Required Credit Card Information - Credit Cards that are accepted for payment will be displayed as icons on the Credit Card information screen. You may choose to store multiple credit cards on your profile. All card information is stored securely.

When you utilize a credit card stored in your wallet for "Pay Now" transactions, you will need to enter the CVV code at the time of transaction. When adding a Credit Card, you will need to complete the following fields with the information as it appears on the front of the card:

  1. Credit Card Number
  2. Expiration Date
  3. Cardholder's First Name
  4. Cardholder's Last Name
The Billing Address for the Credit Card: This is the address where credit card statements are sent or that the credit card issuer recognizes as the billing address for the credit card. This may be different from the billing address for the Toho Water Authority account/services you are paying for.
What bank account information is required in order to store my bank account as a payment method on my profile?
When Paying By E-Check (ACH), all payments must be in US funds and drawn on a US bank. Personal Checking, Personal Savings, Commercial Checking and Commercial Savings accounts are all available Account Type choices. Please note that additional fees may apply for e-checks returned due to insufficient funds.

When adding a bank account as a payment method, you will need to complete the following fields:
  1. Account Type (Personal Checking or Savings, Commercial Checking or Savings)
  2. Routing Number
  3. Account Number (You will need to re-type Account Number to ensure accuracy)
What is an Automatic Payment?
You may choose to automatically pay your total monthly invoice. You can select Automatic Payment for your account and the monthly amount due will be charged to the payment method you choose automatically. You will receive an email (usually 2-3 days prior to the payment date) reminding you that the payment will be made.
What is a Scheduled Payment?
You may choose to schedule a payment for a future date. For example, say you receive your bill on the 3rd of the month and the payment is due on the 20th of the month. You can schedule the payment to be processed on any date you choose prior to the due date. The payment method you select (credit card or bank account) will be charged on that date. You will receive an email (usually 2-3 days prior to the date you've selected) reminding you that the payment will be made.
What is Pay Now?
You may choose to pay your account immediately. Your payment method will be processed at the time you select to pay.
What if I don't want to create a profile and store information?
That's okay too! At the bottom of the profile login screen, there's a link you can select to make a one-time payment without creating a payment profile.