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Unfunded Mandates

Stormwater Utility
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City of Melbourne
Engineering Department
Stormwater Utility
900 Strawbridge Ave
Melbourne, FL  32901
Telephone: (321) 608-7341
Fax: (321) 608-7319
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Call the Stormwater Hotline at 608-7341

Unfunded Mandates

The City of Melbourne established the Stormwater Utility in 1999 in anticipation of an unfunded mandate issued under the Clean Water Act, called the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit. This program took effect in 2003, and requires the city to perform activities to meet more than 200 goals in a comprehensive effort to reduce stormwater pollution. The current stormwater utility rate of assessment of $36 per ERU allows the City to collect sufficient revenue in order to comply with these requirements and construct a small number of stormwater projects.

Though considerable effort has been made to this point, it has not been enough to treat all of the stormwater runoff that drains into the Indian River Lagoon. Over the past five years, super algae blooms have caused significant loss to sea grasses in the Indian River Lagoon, which has led to its rapid deterioration. The sheer magnitude of the sea grass loss precipitated another set of federal and state mandates: Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) and the Basin Management Action Plan (BMAP) for the North IRL. The City expects a BMAP for the South IRL will be adopted in the near future, which will put further pressure on City resources.

The reductions being mandated are significant, and achieving them will require many capital stormwater treatment projects. It is estimated that it will cost the City $196 million to achieve the current and anticipated mandated reductions. At the current level of annual funding this will be impossible.

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