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City of Melbourne
Engineering Department
Stormwater Utility
900 Strawbridge Ave
Melbourne, FL  32901
Telephone:  (321) 608-7341
Fax:  (321) 608-7319
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Recently Completed Stormwater Projects

Sarno Road/Bell Street Drainage Improvements
The scope of work includes the removal of approximately 400 l.f. of deteriorated 48" diameter metal storm drain and replacement of same with reinforced concrete pipe. Additionally, 125 l.f. of metal storm drain pipe under Sarno Road will be rehabilitated by the insertion of a cure-in-place polyethylene liner. The resulting work will reduce street flooding conditions within the Ixora Park Subdivision.

Swift Street Stormwater Improvements
Provide flood control by enhancing drainage existing system, includes pipe replacement and lining.

Stormwater Master Plan Master
A stormwater master plan for the entire Crane Creek drainage basin, including the Hickory Ditch sub-basin, has been completed to address flood control and water quality issues in this area of District 5. This study was jointly funded by St. John's River Water Management District (SJRWMD), City of Melbourne and Brevard County. This area in South Brevard County includes the cities of Melbourne and West Melbourne as well as unincorporated Brevard County. The master plan is being used to identify local flooding areas and possible solutions, identify possible best management practices (BMPs) to improve water quality into the Indian River Lagoon and identify possibilities available to increase recharge to the superficial aquifer underlying the watershed.

Eber Road Widening & Babcock Street Realignment
Retrofit roadway and nearby development for stormwater drainage and treatment improvements.

Charles Drive
Upgrade of stormwater outfalls along Charles Drive/Almar Subdivision. When complete, will provide flood control and treatment by replacing existing pipe system and construction of detention pond. 

Sherwood Drive Replacement Stormwater Pipe
When complete, reduction of ditch erosion.

Stabilize Hickory Ditch
Water quality project to stabilize ditch resulting in reduced erosion to Crane Creek and Indian River Lagoon including stormwater pipe replacement. 

Tallwood Subdivision Drainage
Study to define solution to street flooding problems. 

Garfield Street Drainage
Construction of two detention ponds providing treatment of neighborhood stormwater runoff in an area where direct discharge to Eau Gallie River previously existed. 

Dove Street Pond
Construction of a 2.5 acre dual-stage stormwater detention facility providing flood control and water quality benefits. 

Baffle Boxes – Installation at Yacht Basin & Stewart
Water quality improvement through sediment reduction. 

Wickham Park Pond Construction
City contributed to county project.  Creation of two ponds. Water quality project treating water from the Parkway and Croton systems. Some flood control is also being provided to these areas. 

South Melbourne & Crane Creek Drainage Basin Flooding/Water Quality Study
Analyzed existing system’s ability to convey stormwater by computer simulation. Identified problem areas and recommended flood reduction improvements. Pollutant loading computer model identified potential water quality improvements. Detailed analysis of the cost effectiveness of each recommended improvement project. 



Southgate Blvd. Drainage Improvements
Consists of installation of an underdrain system to lower the high groundwater condition, replacement of existing drainage inlets, and reconstruction of Southgate Blvd. roadway.



Spain Outfall Phase 1 Improvements
Project will consist of installing rear-yard drainage inlets along lot lines between Swift Street and Main Street, and replacing a run of existing drainage piping and structures out to University Blvd.

Spain Outfall Ph.2 Improvements
Project will consist of replacing and upsizing several runs of existing drainage piping and drainage structures along Spain Avenue and Fairview Drive, installing a new drainage pipe under the Florida East Coast Railroad, constructing a detention pond to provide stormwater quality treatment, and regarding several sections of existing ditch banks.

Shenandoah Outfall Improvements
Project will consist of replacing and upsizing several runs of existing piping and drainage structures along. Currently under design. Project will consist of replacing several runs of existing drainage piping and drainage structures along Mill Street, installing new drainage piping east of the Florida East Coast Railroad. 

Project will consist of constructing a pond with littoral shelf which will be located on City property at the northwest corner of the Fee/Apollo intersection. The pond and will provide stormwater quality treatment and the littoral shelf will provide enhancement to existing wetlands. 

University Boulevard Pipe Replacement
The project consists of replacing failing drainage pipe with new pipe of the same size.

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