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Stormwater Program
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Stormwater Utility
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City of Melbourne
Engineering Department
Stormwater Utility
900 Strawbridge Ave
Melbourne, FL  32901
Telephone: (321) 608-7341
Fax: (321) 608-7319
Report Stormwater Pollution!
Call the Stormwater Hotline at 608-7341

The City’s stormwater management program focuses on two major objectives: 

1)       Reducing localized flooding through capital projects, equipment purchases, and enhanced stormwater system maintenance programs. 

2)       Reducing the stormwater pollutants that enter our local water bodies in order to comply with federal environmental regulations. 

To reduce localized flooding, the City has employed the following Best Management Practices: 

  • Capital projects include the purchase of property for stormwater collection and treatment purposes, pond construction, baffle boxes, drainage pipe replacements and improvements.   To learn more about current projects underway, please visit our Stormwater Projects section.
  • Equipment purchases include equipment necessary for the effective maintenance of the City’s stormwater system.  The stormwater system includes canals, ditches, ponds, drainage pipes, catch basins, etc.   Stormwater utility funds have been utilized to purchase two Elgin Geovacs.  These trucks are used to vacuum roadways and clean catch basins.  A vactor truck was purchased to efficiently clean stormwater drainage pipes.   Slope mowers have been purchased to efficiently maintain pond and canal banks.  A camera van was also purchased with stormwater utility funds to identify potential drainage and pipe problems in the stormwater system.
  • Enhanced stormwater system maintenance programs include:
    • Routine street sweeping
    • Routine cleaning, maintenance, and repair of storm drain pipe
    • “Cured-in-place” pipe relining program.   This process avoids disruptive construction projects.
    • Routine ditch and canal maintenance
    • Routine inlet maintenance to remove debris and sediment
    • Routine aquatic spraying to keep drainage systems clear of nuisance plant growth

For more information on the streets and stormwater maintenance programs, please call 321-608-7341. 

To comply with federal and state environmental regulations, also know as the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase II Permit, the City implements several programs including environmental education, illicit discharge detection, erosion and sediment control, construction waste management, and good municipal housekeeping.

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