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Stormwater Utility
Contact Information
City of Melbourne
Engineering Department
Stormwater Utility
900 Strawbridge Ave
Melbourne, FL  32901

Telephone: (321) 608-7341

Fax: (321) 608-7319

The City of Melbourne's Stormwater Utility Division addresses localized flooding as well as environmental issues related to stormwater runoff.   Its function is to prevent flooding to protect your property and to improve the quality of our water bodies through pollution prevention measures.

Melbourne’s rapid population growth and our subsequent change in land use have created a need for effective stormwater management. A clean water supply is critical for our drinking, our agriculture, our industry and our recreation.

Over the years, contaminated stormwater has contributed to a steady deterioration of the Indian River Lagoon and threatens the quality of other bodies of water in our area.

The City of Melbourne has taken a proactive approach to addressing these issues.  In compliance with state and federal regulations (NPDES Permit), the City administers an aggressive stormwater management program.  A Stormwater Utility Fund was established in 1999 to help fund stormwater pollution prevention and drainage improvements to ease flooding.

It is illegal to dispose of yard debris, pet waste, chemicals, oil, or trash into the stormwater system.
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While many people are not aware that their daily activities can produce illicit discharges, others deliberately dump pollutants or have illegal pipe connections into the storm drain system. 

Regardless of whether the source is intentional or unintentional, it is illegal to dispose of anything into a storm drain.   The Melbourne City Council, continuing its commitment to prevent stormwater pollution enacted the Illicit Discharge Ordinance, which establishes rules and provides for penalties, to prohibit illicit discharges and connections into the stormwater drainage system.  Click here to read the illicit discharge ordinance..
Stormwater PollutionDid You Know? 

The Largest source of stormwater pollution in Melbourne is the general public?  The most common pollutants  are trash (fast food wrappers, cigarette butts & styrofoam cups) and toxins (used from motor oil, anti-freeze, fertilizer, pesticides, sewage overflow & pet waste)

Report Stormwater Pollution!
Call the Stormwater Hotline at (321) 953-6241

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