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Business Fees     Back To Top
Obtaining a Business Tax Receipt
Obtaining a Business Tax Receipt WEB
Business Tax Receipt Costs WEB
Exemptions WEB
Change or Transfer of Ownership WEB
State of Florida Licenses WEB
Business Tax Receipt Category Listing WEB
Applicant Instructions WEB
Home-Based Business WEB
Pest Control WEB
Restaurants & Public Lodging WEB
Travel & Auto Repair WEB
Telemarketing WEB
Code Compliance    Back To Top
Code Compliance Division
Code Compliance Division WEB
Download Code Compliance Forms WEB
  Permit Application Procedures WEB
  Permit Fees PDF
Code Compliance News & Information
Division News WEB
Frequently Asked Questions WEB
Telephone Numbers WEB
Codes & Ordinances  - Building Dept. WEB
Building Inspection Procedures WEB
Engineering    Back To Top
Melbourne Traffic Calming
Traffic Calming Residential Procedures WEB
Traffic Calming Application PDF
Housing & Community Development  Back To Top
Housing & CDBG
Housing & Community Development WEB
Equal Housing Opportunity WEB
Owner Programs
Purchase Assistance Program WEB
Homeowner Housing Rehabilitation WEB
Housing Replacement WEB
Tenant Programs
Rental Rehabilitation WEB
Tenant Based Rental Assistance WEB
Planning & Economic Development    Back To Top
Planning & Economic Development
Planning & Economic Development WEB
Zoning Classifications WEB
Future Land Use Classifications WEB
Overview of Redevelopment WEB
Babcock Street Redevelopment Area WEB
Historic Downtown Redevelopment Area WEB
Old Eau Gallie Redevelopment Area WEB
Purchasing     Back To Top
General Information
Purchasing Division Web Page WEB
Prompt Payment Policy PDF
Bid Information
General Information / Notifications WEB
Bid Openings WEB
Solicitation Policy WEB
Surplus Equipment WEB
Gifts & Gratuities WEB
Solid Waste & Recycling     Back To Top                               Street Lighting Division   
Solid Waste & Recycling
Solid Waste & Recycling Division WEB
Household & Yard Trash WEB
Street Lights
Report Non-Working Street Lights WEB
Street Light Coverage Areas Map WEB

Water Conservation     Back To Top

Related Links
Water & Wastewater Web Page WEB
Water Conservation Program WEB
Water Conservation Tips WEB
Toilet Rebate Program WEB
How To Perform a Leak Test WEB
Publications WEB
About Melbourne Utilities
Melbourne Utilities At A Glance WEB   Reclaimed Water WEB
Water Quality WEB   Surface Water Treatment WEB
Supply & Distribution WEB   Education Station WEB
Wastewater Collection & Treatment WEB   Utilities Photo Gallery WEB

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