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City of Melbourne
Purchasing Division
900 East Strawbridge Avenue Melbourne, FL 32901
321 / 608-7062 
FAX 321 / 608-7070

Business hours: 8:30 a.m.- 5 p.m.,
EST, Monday through Friday.

Lanaee Gilmore
Purchasing Manager
(321) 608-7062

Brigitte Bache
Senior Buyer
(321) 608-7063 FX: 608-7070

Karen Smith
(321) 608-7064 FX: 608-7070

Leo Torres, Jr.
(321) 608-7066 FX: 608-7070

Monica Lyon
Purchasing Technician
(321) 608-7062 FX: 608-7070

Jeri Keefe, Storekeeper
(321)608-7091 FX: 608-7095

Central Warehouse
2893 Harper Road
Melbourne, FL 32904
Deliveries Accepted Mon. - Fri.
7:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. and
1 p.m. - 3:15 p.m.
The Purchasing Division is responsible for timely acquisition of contract services, supplies, and equipment by the City of Melbourne departments. The Division is part of the Financial Services Department and is headed by the Purchasing Manager. The Division provides a central buying and property disposal function for Melbourne City government.

The Purchasing Division is responsible for procurement from qualified sources at the least cost and for promoting efficiency and economy. The Division facilitates coordination of the acquisition of services, supplies, and equipment.

Vendors who would like to offer products or services to City of Melbourne should use the links at left to access specific information areas. A list of all current contracts for goods and services is available in pdf format.
Doing Business With the City
It is the intent of the City of Melbourne to procure necessary equipment and services at the lowest possible cost, consistent with the quality needed to meet the requirements of the City. Every purchase should be made in the public's interest and provide all vendors a fair and equal opportunity to compete. The City accomplishes this through informal and formal quotes and formal bids and proposals.
Bid Information
Vendors who want to determine which goods and services are being sought may view information in several ways:
  1. Bids/quotes are posted on a bulletin board in the Purchasing Division at City Hall.
  2. Bids/quotes are posted on the City website.
  3. Bids/quotes are posted electronically on DemandStar.
  4. Bids/proposals are published in the Florida Today newspaper (legal ad section).
Bid & Quote Solicitation Policy
Purchases of equipment, materials, supplies, and services are solicited in accordance with the following thresholds:
  1. Small Purchase (up to $1,000) - Price quote(s) is/are obtained form department or divisional staff.
  2. Open Market Purchase ($1,000 to $7,500) - Informal written quotations are solicited by department or division staff from at least three (3) vendors.
  3. Formal Quotes ($7,500 to $25,000) - Formal quotations are solicited by Purchasing Division staff.
  4. Formal Bids/Proposals ($25,000+) - Formal sealed bids (ITBs) and proposals (RFPs) are solicited by Purchasing Division staff, requiring public notice, public opening, and formal award.
Formal quotes and bids may be waived for:
  1. purchase from governmental entity (piggyback)
  2. sole source procurement
  3. emergency purchase when there exists a threat to public health, safety, or welfare
Bid Notifications
Bidders who are a member of DemandStar BidWire and/or QuoteWire will receive automatic notification of bid/quote solicitations when selected categories match the City's bid requirement. 
Pre-Bid Conference
A pre-bid conference is held on some solicitations to familiarize the bidder with the requirements presented by the City's specifications. Addenda may be issued to the bid based on the discussions that take place during this meeting. Attendance at some pre-bid meetings may be mandatory. Lack of attendance will preclude the bidder from bidding.
Bid Submittal and Openings
Bids must be received in the Purchasing Division by the time and date specified in the bid documents – late bids will be rejected. If required by the specifications, a bid bond must accompany the bid. Additionally, a performance bond may be required prior to award of contract. Bid openings are conducted on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3 p.m., in the Second Floor Conference Room (Room 203), City Hall, 900 E. Strawbridge Avenue, in Downtown Melbourne. Attendance is not a requirement at formal bid openings.
Local Vendor Preference
The City extends preference to those vendors, contractors, or service providers, who maintain a valid Local Business Tax Receipt, issued by either the City of Melbourne or Brevard County, at least one (1) year prior to bid submission; and, whose business address is located within the City limits of Melbourne or boundaries of Brevard County. A 5% preference is given to qualified City vendors and a 2% preference is given to qualified Brevard County vendors. Local bidders, whose bid is within 5% or 2% respectively, of the lowest responsive, responsible non-local bid, shall be given an opportunity to match the lowest bid pricing.
Payment Procedure
After delivery of products and/or services ordered, the vendor must submit an original itemized invoice to the City of Melbourne Accounting Division, 900 E. Strawbridge Avenue, Melbourne, FL 32901. All invoices must bear the purchase order number. Payment will be made within 45 days of invoice receipt. The City is exempt from all federal, state, and local tax. Our federal excise number is 59-6000-371 and or state of Florida sales tax exempt number is 85-8012621638C-2.
Surplus Equipment
Surplus equipment and materials are generally disposed of through the use of GovDeals, an online governmental bidding site, located at
City of Melbourne personnel subscribe to and support a high level of ethical and moral conduct.  City policy prohibits and acceptance of gifts or gratuities of any kind.