Property Crimes

Report incidents where the object of the crime is property and not a person, such as burglary, at (321) 608-6731.

Drug Related Information

To report drug-related activity in your neighborhood, call  (321) 608-8477(TIPS).

Records & Identifications

To obtain copies of police reports, visit the Melbourne Police Dept. at 650 N. Apollo Boulevard, Melbourne. It is possible to receive copies of reports by mail. Call the Records Division at (321) 608-6731 for details.

Records Division hours of operation: Mon.- Fri., 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Accident reports are available for the current year plus three years prior. The reports are not a public record for the first 60 days after the date of the accident. They may be released to parties involved in the accident, their legal representative, and their insurance company with a written sworn statement during that period of time. (Download Sworn Statement Form)

Crime reports are generally available for the current year plus eight years prior.  The reports are generally available the day after the incident, however, this may be effected by various circumstances. 

Not all crime reports are available (an ongoing criminal investigation, for example) and not all information is available (juvenile information for example).

Copies of records are free of charge for 10 pages or less.  If the record exceeds 10 pages, the charge is 15 cents for single sided copies, and 20 cents for double sided copies.

Who to Call and When

EMERGENCIES & Crimes in Progress - Call 911
An emergency is a situation or occurrence of a serious nature that develops suddenly, unexpectedly, and demands immediate action. Call 911 when:
  • A crime is in progress or one is developing.
  • There is a serious illness or injury.
  • There is a fire.
Call (321) 608-6731 when you have a non-emergency problem or complaint, including:
  • Noisy parties
  • Parking, and abandoned or stripped vehicles.
  • Youths playing ball in the streets.
  • Fireworks, hotrods, or minibikes.
MPD Direct Dial Phone Numbers

Use Area Code 321 for Melbourne, FL, phone numbers

Alarm Billing & Registration
Communications Center
Community Resource Officer
Community Relations/Crime Prevention
Criminal Investigations
Downtown Officer
Evidence & Property
Front Desk
Melb. Square Mall Office
PIO/Media Relations
Records & Reports
Police Officer Recruiting
Sexual Offender Tracking
Support Services
Uniformed Patrol
Vice & Narcotics

608-6731 (FAX 242-4881)

608-6443 (FAX 608-6446)
608-6500 (FAX 242-0795)
608-6731 (FAX 242-0174)
608-6443 (FAX 608-6365)

Nuisance animals such as barking dogs are handled by Brevard County Animal Enforcement. Call (321) 633-2024. For further information regarding animal complaints please visit Brevard County Animal Services.

Melbourne Police Tip Line

: Contact the MPD Tip Line at (321) 608-8477 (TIPS). Callers can remain anonymous or leave contact information for a return call.

This tip line is for reporting of general criminal information where no immediate action is necessary. It is also for information to be used in building a criminal investigation case, for reports of suspicious activities, and for reporting crimes not-in-progress.

The line can be used for reporting of narcotic related tips, suspicious and/or drug-related activity, ongoing drug deals witnessed at a neighbor's house, and frequent coming and going of the same vehicles, etc.

Crimeline logo

Anonymous Tips

: If you wish to remain Anonymous to report ANY crimes (drugs, burglaries, robberies, homicides, wanted subjects, etc.), you can use Crimeline, 800-423-TIPS.

Rewards of up to $1,000 are offered for information leading to an arrest. Rewards of up to $5,000 are offered for information leading to an arrest in homicides.