The Melbourne Police Department is committed to hiring only the best! We actively seek individuals who want a challenging career in a professional environment. Please contact Officer Nicole Gould at 321-608-6321 or for more information.

The Department is an “Approved for Veteran’s Training” agency.  This means that probationary police officers who are qualifying veterans and were Florida LEO certified after January 11, 2007, may be eligible for additional monthly benefits. The “Montgomery GI Bill” supports this on-the-job training benefit. Additional information on veteran benefits is available at  Questions may also be directed to 888-442-4551.

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A four-page employment application and background questionnaire are available as a 'PDF' document that can be printed out. Both documents must be submitted in order to be eligible to participate in the application process."


The Melbourne Police Department offers a salary competitive with other local law enforcement agencies. The current starting salary for Patrol Officers is $38,273.56 per year with a top salary range of $58,309.94. Sergeants earn up to $67,306.98 and Lieutenant's earn up to $80,285.66. The city also provides a 4% shift differential pay for officers assigned to evening and midnight shifts as well as incentive pay for specialty teams. .

The Department provides several lateral transfer opportunities within in the agency. These include Detective, School Resource Officer, Community Resource Officer, Tactical Team, Special Operations Unit, and Selective Traffic Enforcement Unit. Other ancillary functions such as SWAT, Dive Rescue Team, Crisis Negotiation Unit and Honor Guard are also available.

Other Benefits
  • A pension fund that allows officers to retire at 75% of their salary after completing 25 years of service. An additional benefit is a five year DROP program.
  • A pre-tax Deferred Compensation program to assist you in saving and planning for retirement.
  • A tuition reimbursement plan for continuing college education.
  • Choice of Health First Health plans for the employee and dependents as well as Healthways Prime Fitness, which provides access to 8,500 gym locations.
  • 9 Paid Holidays
  • Vacation Accrual beginning at 104 hours and up to 200 hours annually
  • 96 hours paid annual sick leave
  • Optional dental insurance plan
  • Up to 120 hours per year of comp time accrual
  • Take Home Cars
  • Department-Issued Weapons


Melbourne is located on the east coast of Central Florida. Residents and visitors enjoy the beaches and proximity to major attractions. Melbourne is about 40 square miles with a resident population of 77,000, and a daytime population exceeding 100,000 with persons traveling within the city to for work, education, medical visits, and cultural events. View the 'About Melbourne' page for more information.


Melbourne Police Department Organizational Chart

Steve Mimbs is the Chief of Police of the Melbourne Police Department. The Deputy Chief oversees the Operations and Police Services Bureaus. The Commanders oversee the Patrol, Investigations, Support Services, and Professional Standards divisions.

With a strong emphasis on Community Policing, the Melbourne Police Department offers a variety of duty assignments including Patrol, Criminal and Narcotics Investigations, K-9, Selective Traffic Enforcement, and Marine units.

Melbourne officers are able to compete for positions in specialty units upon completion of probation. Specialty units include SWAT, K-9, Dive Recovery Teams, Traffic, and Crisis Negotiations.

The department has 169 Sworn Officers, 68 Non-Sworn Civilian Personnel, 21 Part-Time Crossing Guards, and 6 Reserve Police Officers.

The Operations Bureau is responsible for multiple functions within the Melbourne Police Department:

The Traffic Unit consists of motor officers and aggressive driving enforcement officers deployed day and night. The Criminal Investigations Unit is comprised of general and Persons Crimes Detectives, as well as a Special Operations Unit that concentrates on narcotics enforcement. We also have additional specialty units including SWAT, K-9 Unit, Dive Recovery Team, and the Crisis Negotiation Team.

Each patrol car is outfitted with a computer allowing officers in the field to receive real time information on drivers, offenders, and vehicles. Officers also submit written reports via the enhanced Records Management System over the same computer system. Our Officers and Detectives are provided the latest equipment and resources available to increase their performance and effectiveness in law enforcement for the City of Melbourne.

The Commander of this Division is responsible for all patrol functions throughout the City of Melbourne.

The Criminal Investigations Division is responsible for the investigation of major crimes, vice and narcotic crimes, and follow-up investigation of other felonious crimes. To accomplish its mission to investigate and solve felony crimes, the Division is divided into three focused units. These are Criminal Investigations, Crime Scene Investigation, and Special Operations. The division includes 30 detectives and detective supervisors, five crime scene investigators, and other technical and support personnel.

The Police Services Bureau provides the staff and line function of the department with training and logistical support. The bureau includes Information Services, which oversees the Records Section, Communications Center, and the Training Office. It also includes Community Services, which oversees School Resource Officers, our Police Athletic League (P.A.L.), Reserve Officers, Crime Prevention, and Volunteers. The Professional Standards Division is in the Police Services Bureau.

The Commander of this Division is responsible for the Public Information Office, Planning and Research, Volunteer Program, Accreditation, and Building Maintenance.

The Commander of this Division is responsible for Budgets and Purchasing, the Records Unit, the Communications Center, Facilities, Payroll, and Recruiting.