Michael Szczepanski, Officer of the Year

Officer Michael Szczepanski has been selected by the Police Department as "Officer of the Year." He was cited for his participation in the Violent Crime Abatement Team, and also for his exemplary performance during an incident that involved the fatal shooting of a suspect.

Officer Szczepanski's teamwork led to numerous arrests of violent persons in the community. His work also contributed to the seizure of several firearms, including two stolen in area burglaries.

Lissette Pappalardo, Employee of the Year

Data Control Clerk Lissette Pappalardo was honored as "Employee of the Year" for her outstanding work, attention to detail, and willingness to go beyond normal duties to enhance customer service.

She is credited with noting a possible connection in reports of suspicious fires that were occurring in the same area of the city. She was also commended for assistance extended to an individual who inquired about crime statistics while selecting a housing location for a physically-challenged relative.

Officer Michael Szczepanski, Melbourne Florida Police Department
Lissette Pappalardo, Melbourne Florida Police Department