Community Policing Area Map

Melbourne Patrol Areas/Community Policing Areas

This map provides an indication of patrol and community policing area boundaries.  These boundaries are approximate. Verification of the area to which a particular address is assigned can be obtained by direct contact with the Melbourne Police department at 608-6731.

Map Areas Key

Ten Patrol Areas Map

AREA ONE –Primarily all areas north and east of Wickham Park to the north city limit.  This would include the frontage on both sides of Wickham Road and both sides of Post Road.

AREA TWO –All areas west of Croton Road and south of Parkway Drive to the west city limit.  The area would extend to the south to Lake Washington Road and includes the frontage on both sides of this roadway.

AREA THREE – All areas south of Parkway Drive and east of Croton Road including both sides of U.S.1 north of Riverdale Drive.  The area would extend south to Aurora Road on the west side of U.S. 1 and extend west to Wickham Road.

AREA FOUR -  All areas on the “beachside” and the entire Old Eau Gallie district.  The area extends to the west to Commodore Boulevard and includes the area north of the Eau Gallie River up to Aurora Road.  The frontage on both sides of Eau Gallie Boulevard is included in this vicinity.

AREA FIVE - All areas west of Croton Road and north of Sarno Road up to the unincorporated area along Aurora Road.  This would include primarily all areas west of Wickham road south of Eau Gallie Boulevard.  Also included is all of the Fountainhead subdivision east of Wickham Road.
AREA SIX - All areas north of Brevard Drive up to the Eau Gallie River and all areas west between the Airport property and the Eau Gallie River.  This would include the frontage on both sides of Sarno Road. 
AREA SEVEN –All areas south of Brevard Drive down to the Crane Creek primarily west of Babcock Street..
AREA EIGHT - Primarily all areas west of Babcock Street north of Edgewood Drive up to the north boundary of the Airport property.  It would also include some areas east of Babcock Street in this vicinity.
AREA NINE - All areas south of the Crane Creek east of Babcock Street to the south city limit.
AREA TEN –All areas south of Edgewood Drive and west of Babcock Street.  It would also include some frontage on the east side of Babcock Street in this vicinity.

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