The Melbourne Police Department K-9 Unit employs police officers with specialized skills and highly trained K-9's to support the department in meeting its law enforcement mission. The K-9 teams provide all the usual capabilities of patrol officers with the additional capabilities of the trained canine. These special skills enable K-9 teams to track and locate missing or wanted persons, locate evidence or lost property, apprehend fleeing or combative fugitives, and pinpoint hidden contraband or explosive devices.

Annually these teams must demonstrate their proficiency to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to remain deployed as an operational asset. This requires constant training of the teams to maintain a high level of readiness, ensuring the citizens of Melbourne that each K-9 Unit is prepared for any eventuality.

Additionally, the K-9 Unit is frequently requested to provide assistance to other local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. The K-9 Unit also hosts training for neighboring law enforcement agencies and their K-9 Units, as well as training seminars which are often instructed by nationally known police K-9 instructors.

In addition to the law enforcement mission, the Melbourne Police Department K-9 Unit performs public demonstrations and visits to local schools and civic organizations.  Civic organizations may request demonstrations by contacting the MPD Community Services Sergeant at 321.409.3410.
Melbourne Police Department rescues boaters from the Indian River Lagoon.
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