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Crisis Negotiations Unit

Crisis Negotiations UnitThe mission of the Crisis Negotiation Unit (CNU) is to provide support to other elements of the Department in hostage/barricaded/suicidal subject(s) situations, through the deployment of specially trained officers skilled in Crisis Management and Hostage Negotiations.  These specially trained officers will respond to Incidents involving, or potentially involving, a high risk to the public, police officers, or suspects.  Our goal during these incidents is attaining a peaceful resolution through communication. 

Another goal of the CNU is to provide an effective level of response by attending progressive external courses designed to enhance individual skill levels, and to attend professional seminars to exchange ideas on methodology and improved techniques.

Negotiators must attend a minimum of 40 hours in a qualified course before being used as a Primary or Coach in CNU callouts.  Negotiators must coordinate training and operations with other Department units, especially SWAT.   Characteristics and skills recommended by The National Council of Negotiation Association (NCNA) are paramount in our Department negotiators: 

  • A volunteer.

  • High level of self-control.

  • Ability to remain calm under stress.

  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills.
    Crisis Negotiations Unit

  • Calm and confident demeanor.

  • Good listener and interviewer.

  • Work well in team concept.

  • A minimum of two years as a sworn Officer with the Melbourne Police Department.

  • No unacceptable absences from regular duties in the past annual evaluation.

  • Each team member must maintain the same level of performance and skill level as part of their annual evaluation to remain in the C.N.U.

  • Recommendation by the Chain of Command.

  • Available 24 hours per day for call-out.


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