Special events that utilize Melbourne public streets require permits issued by the City Clerk's Office. 

Provided on this page are links to materials that reflect the nature and scope of permits that have been issued for upcoming events.

Maps are provided to indicate the areas to be affected by the event activities.  Complete permit records are maintained by the City Clerk's Office.

To learn how to apply for a special activity permit, see this list of frequently asked questions or contact the City Clerk's Office at 321-608-7220.

Upcoming Events
August 8 -        Friday Fest
August 9 -        British Invasion Celebrating 50 years of the
                       Beatles in America
September 12 - Friday Fest
September 20 - Rocky Water Brewfest and Farmers'
October 10-      Friday Fest
November 14 -  Friday Fest
September 27 -True Colors 5K Race