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Use this CodeRED link to submit one or more telephone numbers for use by Emergency Communications Network, Inc., in providing emergency call-out services to the City of Melbourne. In addition, you can submit cell phone number and email or text message addresses. All telephone numbers must be associated with a physical address, since the emergency call-out procedure is based on selection of a geographic area to receive calls.

The link to CodeRED will take you to a Residential Data Update Page that will allow entry of information directly into the database of contact information used in making emergency calls.  When a recorded emergency message is sent out by the City, the automated system will attempt to deliver a message to all contacts assigned to addresses within a selected geographic area. The voice messages can be received by any person answering a phone, or accepted by answer machines. Messages are sent out via email and texting at the same time.

The call-out service may be used to deliver messages related to the water supply, and for emergency notifications required by the police or fire department operations. The service can also used to deliver information related to hurricane conditions.

If you have questions, please contact the Public Information Office at (321) 608-7260 or send e-mail to .