Reporting a Traffic Signal

To report a broken or burned-out traffic signal light, call 321-608-7360.

Reporting Street Lights

To report a broken or burned street light call Facilities Maintenance Division at 321-608-5500
or e-mail

Reporting a Power Line Down

Call 911 in the event that you see a power line down!
Report any condition that you consider to be dangerous involving a damaged street light pole or lamp.
Never approach or drive your vehicle over a downed wire of any type. Treat all downed wires as if they are energized and extremely hazardous.

The City of Melbourne shares street light maintenance duties within the city limits with Florida Power & Light (FPL). City staff performs regular maintenance, repairs, and emergency responses in the areas of City responsibility.

Reporting both a location and an identification number of a street light is important. Provided here are some tips on how to gather information and report non-working street lights in Melbourne.

Report numbers on light poles with street lights that need repair. Street light poles have an eleven digit identification number affixed to them, about three feet above the ground. This identification number will begin with the number four, such as 4-8511-2111-11. Record the number listed on the pole and include a street corner or full address when reporting the pole. If a number is not visible, provide the exact address.