Swim Lessons

American Red Cross certified Water Safety Instructors will teach all lessons.  Swim Lessons will be held at Fee and Sherwood pools starting June 2014. Water safety instructors test children to determine their level and may move children to the appropriate level based on current skills. If you should have any questions, please call (321) 255-4608 for more information. 

Parent/Child Aquatics - Ages 6 36 months

Parent/Child Aquatics is designed to orient young children to the water and prepare them to learn to swim in the American Red Cross preschool courses.

Preschool Level Ages 3 5 years

Basic introductory water skills such as pool entry and exit, submerge face, blowing bubbles and supported back and front floats are practiced.

Level 1 Ages 5 & up

Basic introductory water skills such as submerge face/head, blowing bubbles and supported/unsupported back and front floats are practiced.  

Level 2 Ages 5 & up

Independent water entry and exit, submerge head, unsupported front/back floats and glides and treading water. Swim using any combination of arm and leg action for 15 feet will be performed on front, back and side.

Level 3 Ages 5 & up

Sitting and kneeling dives, rotary breathing, front and back glides with two different kicks for each, tread water for 30 seconds.

Level 4 Ages 5 & up

This class will build on skills learned in level 3. Compact or stride dive, feet-first surface dive, open turn with streamline push off, tread water one minute using either modified scissors, breaststroke or rotary kick and sculling arm motions.

Adult Swim Classes Designed for adults who want to conquer a fear of water and learn to swim.