Melbourne Other City Parks

These smaller park areas consist of small passive open
space areas designed for scenic corridors and picnic areas.

Babcock Park

Located on the S/W corner of Babcock Street and 192. ▪  Codell Mead Butterfly Garden
▪  Benches
▪  Park Size:  .27 acres 

Harry Lawrence Park

250 E. New Haven Avenue (located where New Haven Ave. and Strawbridge Ave. split west of Historic Downtown) ▪  Park Size:  .11 acres

Carol Williams Glanton Park

2701 Main Street 

(Also known as Main Street Park)
▪  One picnic pavilion
▪  Playground
▪  Benches
▪  Park Size:  .58 acres
Rossetter Park


1295 Highland Avenue ▪  Picnic Tables
▪  Benches
▪  Park Size:  .23 acres
Triangle Park (Eau Gallie Point)


Located at the west end of the Eau Gallie Causeway ▪  Park Size:  .2 acres


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