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Adopt a Park Program
The Adopt-a-Park program provides opportunities for groups to help improve and maintain the City of Melbourne's 34 parks. Adopt-a-Park groups include any business or community based group that is willing to make a commitment. Volunteers from civic organizations, social clubs, neighborhood associations, individual families, churches, schools or employee groups are welcome to participate.

Volunteers can help enhance and maintain our public lands through clean-up efforts, beautification, tree and ornamental plantings, weeding of landscaped areas, painting of picnic tables and park benches and other projects. Your volunteer effort in our parks increases public awareness of the importance of protecting our natural resources; generates pride in our park system; and demonstrates a commitment to your community. Through partnership with groups, the City is able to maintain and improve the park system, keep our parks beautiful and safe for immediate enjoyment, and enjoyment for all future park users.

The Program has three main goals: 
  1. To develop a body of volunteers give parks a spring and fall clean-up.
  2. To encourage volunteers organizations to visit parks periodically and help keep them clean.
  3. To encourage organizations to give each park a personal touch such as flowering plants and pruning.
The Leisure Services Department will provide trash bags, tools or paint when needed, as well as pick-ups for brush and trash.
How Do We Adopt A Park?
Your group can adopt a park by committing to a one-year period of adoption. At the end of that year an organization can renew, change parks, or terminate. To adopt a park:
  1. Identify a park you would like adopt and the type of project your would like to complete. If you are not sure what parks are in your area, call our Parks Administrator at 953-6230 for more information.
  2. Complete the Application Form and return it. You will then be contacted to discuss the project. Our staff will work with you to identify the project(s) that will provide the greatest benefit to the park.
  3. Once the "adoption" is approved, you're ready to start. Our Parks Administrator is available to help you with questions and concerns, and will see to it that the Adopt-a-Park signage is displayed reflecting your group's commitment.
We Can't Make A Long-Term Commitment, Can We Still Volunteer?
Absolutely. Melbourne Parks & Recreation Department sponsors a number of special events, which you can participate in. These include one time clean-up projects, planting, and maintenance projects. We also welcome financial donations that support the purchase of playground equipment, park tables, and planting materials.
For More Information
If you would like additional information on adopting a park, contact the Parks Administrator at 953-6230 or send e-mail to sgraham@melbourneflorida.org.
Parks Available for Adoption:
Babcock Eau Gallie Square Melbourne Causeway Sunset
Ballard Fee Mullins Tradewinds
Bean Front Street Overlook Triangle
Bennie Hopkins Grandview Oxford Ridge Wells
Brothers Jimmy Moore Pineapple  
Carol Glanton Williams Lipscomb Promenade  
Carver Magnolia Ruffner  
Cleve Frink Masterson Sherwood  
Crane McGrath Southwest  
The City of Melbourne would like to thank the groups and individuals who Adopt-a-Park. Your continued efforts make Melbourne a great place to live, work, and play!