Providing Site Plans to the City of Melbourne
Engineering and Planning & Economic Development Departments

Sponsors of construction and/or redevelopment projects should expect to address several issues related to the site if additional square feet and/or additional parking areas are added.  The issues are listed below, along with the portion of the
City Code which discusses the topic.

  • Building Setbacks – Appendix B, Article V, Section 2, Tables 1B & 2B
  • Parking Requirements – Appendix D, Chapter 9, Article V
  • Landscaping Requirements – Appendix D, Chapter 9, Article XV
  • Building Code – Chapter 8
  • Solid Waste Requirements – Appendix D, Chapter 9, Article II
  • Stormwater Management – Chapter 27

Each construction / redevelopment project will be reviewed by City staff.  An explanation of site plan review categories is provided below.  

Site Plan Review Categories

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4 FORMAL SITE PLAN REVIEW   (click to view)
Submit to Planning & Economic Development Department
Reviewed by Planning & Economic Development Board and staff, Approved by City Council
●  All commercial developments over 3 acres
●  All industrial developments over 5 acres
●  All multi-family developments over 20 units
●  All new development in Downtown Melbourne Redevelopment Area
●  (must also go through construction site plan review)
4 CONSTRUCTION PLAN REVIEW  (click to view forms)
Submit to Engineering Department, Approved by City Engineer
●  Formal Site Plans, once approved by City Council.
●  Commercial developments under 3 acres that don’t qualify under minor or redevelopment site plans.
●  Industrial developments under 5 acres that don’t qualify under minor or redevelopment site plans.
●  Existing commercial/industrial redevelopment that does not increase the impervious area for parking by more than 4,000 square feet and the building area by 5,000 square feet and can receive a SJRWMD exemption.
●  Site plan is required to be signed and sealed by an engineer and retention areas must be provided on site.
●  Development Review Process
** Final determination of site plan review categories for specific projects will be made by the Engineering Supervisor.   For more information, call (321) 953-6242.

For additional information contact:

The Planning & Economic Development Department
at (321) 608-7500
or e-mail 

The Engineering Department
at (321) 608-7300
or e-mail 

Report problems with viewing or downloading forms to the Public Information Office, (321) 608-7260 or send e-mail

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