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Old Eau Gallie Redevelopment  
The Eau Gallie area of Melbourne (map) is the latest portion of the City to be assisted through creation of a redevelopment district.  The area includes a downtown that once served the City of Eau Gallie, which merged with Melbourne in 1969 with voter approval.

A portion of City and county taxes from the area are available for revitalization projects.  Everyone living or doing business in the Eau Gallie area has been encouraged to participate in a multifaceted revitalization effort.

Over the last decade the area has been in decline, evidenced by a drop in property values and a higher crime rate.  A study was conducted to establish that the area is affected by "blight," with conditions that  warranted establishment of a redevelopment district.  Redevelopment provides a framework for efforts by the City, residents of the area, and businesses to pursue revitalization projects.

Two plans are underway in the Eau Gallie area. One is the Neighborhood Revitalization Effort, which began with the local residents asking their local government for assistance with persistent community problems.  

In response, the City of Melbourne applied for an Urban Infill and Redevelopment Assistance Grant Program.  The program was established at the state level in 1999 to assist local governments in efforts to help revitalize urban areas.  The program hinges on involvement of area stakeholders in a holistic and collaborative planning process.  It produces an implementation program to revitalize the urban infill and redevelopment area.  

The second effort has been establishment of the Community Redevelopment Area.  This designation responds to merchant needs to recapture investment and interest within the urban core area of Eau Gallie.  Brevard County delegated the powers to create, operate, and maintain the Olde Eau Gallie Riverfront Community Redevelopment Agency to the Melbourne City Council. 


Historic house receives an update in Old Eau Gallie

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